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Chile suffers 10,000 gallon oil spill in pristine Patagonia environment

Once again, catastrophe has struck a largely untouched environment teaming with wildlife because of the fossil fuel industry after 10,000 gallons of oil spilled into the waters in Patagonia off the coast of Chile. Located at the southernmost tip of South America and split between Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is recognized as an environmental haven […]

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Kirsten Gillibrand announces $10 trillion plan to fight climate crisis

While President Donald Trump is pretending that climate change does not exist, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has released a plan to tackle the very real crisis head-on. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate put the fight against climate change front and center in her campaign over the weekend by publishing a comprehensive plan, which she announced […]

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Automakers defy Trump’s pro-pollution agenda by agreeing to adhere to California emissions standards

Four automakers representing 30 percent of the American market just undermined President Donald Trump’s pro-pollution agenda by agreeing to adhere to California’s stricter emissions standards in a win for the environment and innovation. Reducing carbon emissions is a critical goal the world must reach if we are to prevent uncontrollable climate change. As part of […]

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