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Research suggests we can use subway tunnels to generate heating and cooling for homes

Groundbreaking new research out of Lausanne, Switzerland suggests using subway tunnels to generate energy to heat and cool homes in cities around the world. Heating and cooling is one of humanity’s top uses of energy, especially energy produced by fossil fuels. It’s also expensive and produces hundreds of millions of tons of carbon emissions every […]

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Hindu Temples bring back the black softshell turtle species – declared extinct 17 years ago

In India, a species turtle thought to have gone extinct in 2002, the black softshell turtle, has a new chance at life thanks to efforts by the caretakers of Hindu Temples and conservationists. There, the turtles are revered and protected as the reincarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu. The freshwater turtles were once abundant, but […]

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California dumped 96 million balls into a reservoir and saved 300 million gallons of water a year

The state of California takes the issues of conservation and protecting the environment very seriously, and they’re almost always at the forefront of ideas that help better the planet and mitigate the worst damage that humans do to Mother Nature. But when the idea was floated a back in 2015 that millions of so-called “shade […]

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UN: Climate change causes one global disaster a week

Climate change has become such a problem across the world that it now causes one natural disaster a week, according to the United Nations (UN). A new report from The Guardian notes: “Catastrophes such as cyclones Idai and Kenneth in Mozambique and the drought afflicting India make headlines around the world. But large numbers of ‘lower impact events’ that […]

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Scotland yanks protected status from Trump’s golf course for destroying iconic dunes

President Donald Trump’s golf course in Scotland just had its protected environmental status revoked for destroying some of the prized dunes of Aberdeenshire. The iconic sand dunes are one of Scotland’s “most valuable habitats” according to Scottish Natural Heritage conservation agency. In 2007, however, the Scottish government foolishly believed Trump when he insisted that building […]

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White rhinos at San Diego Zoo may be able to save another nearly extinct rhino species

Their names are Victoria and Amani. They’re two female southern white rhinos who live at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and they’re both pregnant. Victoria is due to give birth in July or August. Amani’s baby is expected in November or December. Anytime an animal as majestic as these rhinos is about to give […]

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