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Kids take U.S. government to court for not addressing the dangers of climate change

On Tuesday, a federal court heard arguments in a case which could force the United States government to finally take climate change seriously and do something to rectify the problem. Juliana vs. United States was filed in 2014 by 21 children and young adults who charge that the “government’s inaction on addressing climate change violated their […]

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Study warns that North Carolina poultry farms are an environmental and public health hazard

Hurricane Florence devastated pig and poultry farms in North Carolina last year, but it’s the waste from these farms that humans should be more concerned about. Around 5,500 pigs and 3.4 million poultry birds drowned in the state because of flooding caused by the hurricane. But the flooding also means that millions of tons of […]

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Wildfires are getting much more dangerous — Here’s 3 ways to change that

Wildfires have been ravaging communities across the world in recent years, and the devastating effect of these fires is actually getting much worse and more dangerous. With summer just ahead, it’s time to take a look at what’s causing these destructive events and what can be done to reduce the danger. The Wilderness Society recently […]

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5 ways humans are accelerating the rate of animal extinctions

Within the next decade, one million of the world’s animal species may vanish from the face of the planet, according to a recent U.N report on biodiversity. Sandra Díaz, one of the co-chairs of the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services remarked: “The evidence is crystal clear: Nature is in trouble. Therefore we […]

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Spaniels trained to help conservationists save ornate box turtles

As the warming sun of spring spreads across America, our stunningly beautiful box turtles emerge from their winter slumber. In rural parts of the country, they are a familiar and welcome sight, but thanks to habitat encroachment by humans, dangerous highways, and roadways, and a host of other threats, box turtles are threatened and becoming […]

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US Department of Energy rebrands fossil fuels as ‘freedom molecules’

In what appears to be a desperate effort to promote the waning fossil fuels industry as the world begins turning to renewable clean energy sources, the U.S. Department of Energy is rebranding fossil fuels as “freedom molecules.” Seriously. President Donald Trump and his administration has made it clear that they are going to promote dirty […]

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