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List of Natural Resources: What Drives Our Planet

Quick Navigation  Natural Resource ClassificationsThe Major Natural ResourcesProtect Our Natural Resources What makes the world go round? You probably go through your daily life without giving many things that you take for granted, a second thought. However, nearly everything you use every day is extremely important. The natural resources on Earth are responsible for our […]

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Our Planet Is Able to Absorb High Energy Neutrinos

Scientists have discovered that Earth is able to absorb high energy neutrinos. Neutrinos represent abundant subatomic particles which can pass through anything and everything. They rarely interact with matter. Specialists highlight the fact that approximately 100 trillion neutrinos pass through every individual’s body every second. Recently, researchers have demonstrated that the Earth can stop these […]

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Why Are the Bees Disappearing?

Over the years, many scientists have indicated that the number of bees is decreasing. All the latest studies from the last three years left us wondering why are the bees disappearing. Unfortunately, this is one of the consequences of our actions, showing humans that every bad decision regarding the environment will at some point turn […]

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Reverse Osmosis Desalination: Definition, Process, and Advantages

Reverse osmosis desalination represents a process through which water gets purified. The water purification technology uses a semipermeable membrane that helps to remove large particles, molecules, and ions from drinking water. Specialists use an applied pressure to surpass osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis is able to remove several different types of suspended and dissolved species in […]

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