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The First Fully Recycled Road Has Been Completed in France

The world is making great strides to help the environment. There are committees in each country dedicated to helping you and the environment. The environment affects us all. If the environment is doing poorly, then your health is suffering. There are a lot of ways that we are improving the environment. We reduce our waste, […]

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The Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry and How We Can Make It Better

Today, we live in a world that follows icons and the clothes and products they use, leading them to want the same products. This idolization and putting stress on appearance has led to a consumer society. People want the newest and best products immediately after their debut, quickly discarding the old—but still functional—for the new. […]

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Self Sustaining Homes: (3 Innovative Examples)

Self sustaining homes – sometimes known as autonomous homes – are all the rage nowadays. And who wouldn’t like to live the homestead lifestyle in a quaint, green dwelling? Such homes count on their own services to provide the homeowner with electricity, heating, cooling, and more. However, each self sustaining home can be configured in […]

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