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Bicycling is increasing, reshaping our economy and infrastructure while helping the environment

An increasing number of Americans are choosing to ride bicycles to get around instead of driving a car, which is not only transforming our infrastructure and boosting parts of the economy, but also improving overall health and helping the environment. With so many cars on the road today spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, more […]

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Volkswagen rises again by making electric cars even more eco-friendly

“In the darkness, we found the light.” That’s the new tagline in the latest Volkswagen commercial advertising the automaker’s brand new I.D. series based on the iconic van line popular among hippies in the 1970s. Only this vehicle is electric and more eco-friendly than ever before. Volkswagen sure did go through a dark time recently […]

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Most Eco Friendly Cities In America: Definitive Guide

As studies on climate change weigh on our minds. Many people are asking themselves an important question. What are the most eco friendly cities in America?  Americans are concerned about the quality of their air. Also. water and enjoy having access to nature. Many want to eat healthily, minimize waste and their carbon footprint. Additionally, use alternative […]

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Tiny Houses company wins sustainability award for providing practical solution to environmental issues

Ever just want to move your house with you wherever you go and be off-the-grid and energy independent at the same time? Well, tiny houses are not just for the homeless, and one company that constructs them just won an award for environmental sustainability. Tiny houses began as an idea to shelter the homeless but […]

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Sustainable Seafood vs. Unsustainable Seafood: What’s the Difference?

With the demand for seafood growing at an exponential rate, many of the fish species we eat have become grossly endangered. This is why it is so important for us to be responsible and make seafood choices that are ecosystem-friendly. This means eating sustainable seafood as opposed to non-sustainable seafood. What’s the difference? Sustainable seafood […]

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Brussels has a solution to make takeout meals environmentally friendly

In an effort to reduce the amount of trash contributing to the city’s carbon footprint, the people of Brussels have started an initiative to replace takeout food packages with reusable containers. When Americans get takeout from restaurants, the food often comes in Styrofoam containers or some kind of plastic or cardboard that is used just […]

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London is set to become the world’s first National Park city

The city of London is aiming to become the first National Park city in the world as part of the effort to go green and reduce the city’s carbon footprint. Cities around the globe are big polluters of the Earth. Scientific American reports that “residents of just 100 cities account for 20 percent of humanity’s […]

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Journalist explains why we should all stop eating ocean fish

The oceans are being depleted of fish, and the biggest thing we can do to restock the populations is to stop eating fish until the fishing industry is more tightly regulated and fishing becomes more sustainable. Right now, human exploitation of the high seas is resulting in massive species decline and ecosystem collapse. There simply […]

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