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Renewables Overtake Fossil Fuels In The United Kingdom For The First Time

For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, the United Kingdom drew more of their electricity needs from renewables than they did from fossil fuels, a sign that the tide is turning against dirty energy sources as the fight against climate change continues around the globe. Earlier this year, the United Kingdom went a full […]

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Dutch Warehouse Is One Of The Greenest Industrial Buildings In The World

On the outskirts of the Dutch city of Tilberg sits a building that immediately catches people’s attention due to its futuristic shape and sleek curves. Known affectionately as “The Tube,” the World Economic Forum recently highlighted the warehouse as one of the greenest on the planet: “Judged one of the most sustainable industrial buildings in […]

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Regenerative Agriculture Could Help Solve The Problems Of Climate Crisis And Food Shortages

Though many of us may not be familiar with the term “regenerative agriculture,” it could well be instrumental in helping to solve the problems of climate change and global food shortages. Regenerative agriculture is defined by Terra Genesis International as: “A system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and […]

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Great Barrier Reef authority issues urgent call to action to save iconic coral reef

If any organization understands the urgency to fight climate change to protect coral reefs, it’s the Great Barrier Reef Authority. And it just issued a dire call to action to protect the iconic habitat that is visible from space. The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is a major tourist attraction that is […]

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Volkswagen is manufacturing ‘micromobiles’ in preparation for the end of mass car use.

Once again, Volkswagen is taking innovation to the next level, this time by preparing for a future when mass car use in cities is no longer sustainable. Carbon emissions around the globe are out of control, especially in cities, which produce most carbon emissions and particularly feel the effects of climate change and rising global […]

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