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Great Barrier Reef authority issues urgent call to action to save iconic coral reef

If any organization understands the urgency to fight climate change to protect coral reefs, it’s the Great Barrier Reef Authority. And it just issued a dire call to action to protect the iconic habitat that is visible from space. The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is a major tourist attraction that is […]

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Volkswagen is manufacturing ‘micromobiles’ in preparation for the end of mass car use.

Once again, Volkswagen is taking innovation to the next level, this time by preparing for a future when mass car use in cities is no longer sustainable. Carbon emissions around the globe are out of control, especially in cities, which produce most carbon emissions and particularly feel the effects of climate change and rising global […]

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Study says more women could use menstrual cups to improve public health and the environment

If more women around the globe switched to using menstrual cups instead of using tampons, it would not only improve public health, but also help clean up the environment as well, according to a new study. Women’s menstrual health is increasingly being given more attention. Unfortunately, too many women don’t know what all of their […]

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UK supermarket tests packaging-free grocery shopping to reduce plastic waste

One of the largest most popular supermarket chains in the United Kingdom is running a trial to test the viability and sustainability of grocery shopping that is free of wasteful plastic packaging, a move that could start a new green movement. Single-use plastics are a major problem in our world, and plastic packaging is one […]

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Scientist has revolutionary idea to make batteries more sustainable

As the world transitions from using fossil fuels to clean energy sources for their everyday energy needs, batteries are becoming more crucial than ever before. And now a young scientist in Texas has an idea that could revolutionize batteries and make them more sustainable. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular around the world, including in […]

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Toilet paper is becoming less sustainable and that’s a problem for trees worldwide

With all the concern about our environment shifting toward single-use plastics, many companies are using the opportunity to start using less recycled material in toilet paper, making it less sustainable then ever before and a bigger threat to trees. Deforestation in our world is a major problem with more and more trees being cut down […]

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