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Study says more women could use menstrual cups to improve public health and the environment

If more women around the globe switched to using menstrual cups instead of using tampons, it would not only improve public health, but also help clean up the environment as well, according to a new study. Women’s menstrual health is increasingly being given more attention. Unfortunately, too many women don’t know what all of their […]

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UK supermarket tests packaging-free grocery shopping to reduce plastic waste

One of the largest most popular supermarket chains in the United Kingdom is running a trial to test the viability and sustainability of grocery shopping that is free of wasteful plastic packaging, a move that could start a new green movement. Single-use plastics are a major problem in our world, and plastic packaging is one […]

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Presidential Candidates Stances On Climate Change

One of the most compelling issues facing our world today is the Presidential candidates stances on climate change. The issue has become so important that in 2015, a group of American children sued the federal government for putting their lives at risk.  This lawsuit is now making its way to the United States Supreme Court. […]

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Bamboo toothbrushes are here to help solve our plastic toothbrush problem

Since the 1930s, Americans and people around the globe have literally tossed billions of plastic toothbrushes, and most of those toothbrushes, including the oldest ones, continue to pollute the Earth today. Plastic toothbrushes are just another unrecyclable plastic that breaks down really slowly because they are virtually indestructible, decaying little by little and releasing microplastic […]

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