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What is Hydroton and Which are its Pros and Cons?

When developing a hydroponic garden, learning what is hydroton is crucial. Gardeners know that hydroton grow rocks represent one of the most adaptable growing mediums. Actually, hydrotons are not rocks, representing an expanded clay product. This product has increased in popularity among both soil gardeners and hydroponic gardeners. However, they gained the highest popularity in […]

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Hugelkultur Raised Beds: What They Are and How To Make Them

Hügelkultur raised beds represent composting processes that consist of raised planting beds developed on top of compostable plant materials or decaying wood debris. This type of composting process can be extremely useful since it improves water retention, soil fertility, and soil warming. Hence, this nurtures plant growth. Hügelkultur is a German term, meaning hill culture. […]

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Thermal Pollution: Why it is a Problem and How to Control it

Quick Navigation Early AttemptsWhat Are The Causes of Thermal PollutionHarmful Effects of Thermal PollutionLoss of BiodiversityPrevention of Thermal PollutionMethods for Cooling Water Why is thermal pollution a problem? How would you feel if, suddenly, your world became much warmer. Obviously for humans, we are much more adaptable. But for less adaptive organisms like fish, an […]

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