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7 Sustainable Living Communities that Embraced a Green Lifestyle

A sustainable living community is mainly focusing on economic and environmental sustainability, municipal government, social equity and urban infrastructure. There are many ecovillages out there where people are united towards a common goal of living more sustainably. However, their practices and commitment may be different, varying from a sustainable living community to another. Ecovillagers tend […]

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Ecotourism: How To Travel in a Sustainable, Responsible, and Conservational Way

Pick Your Destination Ecotourism HistoryPrinciples of EcotourismThree Parts of EcotourismNegative Effects of TourismAdvantages of EcotourismEcotourism Hotspots During a vacation, most people want to just want to relax with a good drink by the beach or a pool. Not have to worry about working or doing anything whatsoever. That is all well and good, and sometimes, […]

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Cardboard Recycling: How to Recycle and Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Card-Bored with Scrolling? How and What is it Made of?How to Recycle CardboardThe Recycling ProcessGuidelines For Cardboard RecyclingWhy Recycle?Cardboard ProjectsBenefits of Recycling Cardboard Recycling is very important in the fight to stay green and counteract the effects of climate change. One recyclable item that basically everyone uses is cardboard. Cardboard recycling is very important as […]

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Subsistence Farming- Sustainability in Africa, The Middle East, and Even at Home

Not all farms you see are commercial farms. True, most are growing crops such as corn, wheat, tobacco, and many others, to sell to markets or companies. However, there are some farmers who only focus on growing enough food for themselves or their community. This is called subsistence farming. While this may sound like a […]

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Land Pollution: Causes, Effects and How We Can Repair The Damage

Climate change is a very serious issue in today’s society. There are many things that factor into climate change. Carbon emissions, the leaking of chemicals, excess elements throwing off the balance of the ecosystems, and much more. There are three areas of our Earth that are causing global warming. Air, water, and land. However, a […]

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