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Self Sustaining Homes: (3 Innovative Examples)

Self sustaining homes – sometimes known as autonomous homes – are all the rage nowadays. And who wouldn’t like to live the homestead lifestyle in a quaint, green dwelling? Such homes count on their own services to provide the homeowner with electricity, heating, cooling, and more. However, each self sustaining home can be configured in […]

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Top 6 Sustainable Brands from Various Fields for the Conscious Consumer

Many environmental issues are making headlines this year, making people curious about which companies care more about sustainability. Last year was the second-warmest year on record and 2017 doesn’t look good either. If you’re concerned about raising awareness about issues like diversity and high executive pay, here are some sustainable brands you may want to […]

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Cellophane Wrap: Its Impact on the Environment and Eco Friendly Brands

It’s great to see so many news stories heralding the developments in the plastic industry. With the current interest in green living and the increasing consumer concern about the environment, the industry is forced to produce greener items. However, in which category does cellophane wrap fit? [amazon_link asins=’B0126LMDFK,B003ZUXL8A,B017MAAD5C,B01K65WOMK’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’gree0ab-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’de0e0dab-8102-11e7-ab40-69c2af86d39a’] In some places, […]

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