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What to Do with Old Trophies You Don’t Want

If you looked inside your childhood closet, then you would probably see boxes of your old things. Inside those boxes, you would likely see old pictures you drew, field day t-shirts, and awards. You probably received awards for sports, school, or religious group activities. Whether it was a national championship or a participation trophy, you […]

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Kikkerland LB09 Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies Review

People today are becoming more and more aware of all the chemicals they use in their daily lives. Many of the practices people once thought were harmless actually contain toxic chemicals and contribute to climate change. One such practice includes using dryer sheets in your laundry. Some of the chemicals in a dryer sheet affect […]

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Water Saving Toilets: Are They Worth the Investment?

Technology has evolved over the years, helping us to be more efficient in practically everything we do. In fact, technology has even improved water efficiency in our bathrooms by giving us water saving toilets as an option. This drastically reduced water consumption in homes that made the switch, which benefits many areas with water scarcity. If […]

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The Importance of Taking Your Car in Regularly for an Emissions Test

Taking your car in regularly for an emissions test is of the utmost importance. These tests make sure your car is performing well and not expelling an excessive amount of particulate matter and other harmful materials from your tailpipe. Depending on where you live, there may be different standards. In fact, some cities require your […]

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