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Landmark climate change ruling halts hundreds of gas and oil drilling projects

A U.S. district judge just set President Donald Trump and his administration back with after a ruling that stopped hundreds of drilling projects because none of accounted for climate change during the planning phases. Apparently, skipping the climate change question during planning is not only a violation of Mother Nature but the law as well. […]

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8 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Dying Coral Reefs

If you’ve ever seen a picture of a coral reef or an online video of these deep-sea rock formations, you’ll undoubtedly agree that they are breathtakingly beautiful. Coral reef facts are also intriguing pieces of information that can grant us some insight into the tranquil underwater world in which these vibrant and colorful ecosystems thrive. […]

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How to Make Your Own Natural Homemade Insecticide

What Is Insecticide?Insecticides are traditionally chemical substances that are used to kill insects. And they often include ovicides and larvicides which are used against insect eggs and larvae. Amazingly enough, insecticides are believed to be one of the major factors behind the increase of the 20th-century’s agricultural productivity. Unfortunately, nearly all insecticides have the potential […]

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