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Climate Change Weather: How Climate Change is Affecting Extreme Weather Events

Forecast Extreme WeatherIncreased Rain and SnowfallHow Do We Know Humans Are The Cause?Climate Change Weather EffectsSumming Up Extreme weather has been becoming more of a normality all over the world. It is time to address the situation. Looking at weather like hurricanes, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms; the effects that climate change is having on the […]

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Ecotourism: How To Travel in a Sustainable, Responsible, and Conservational Way

Pick Your Destination Ecotourism HistoryPrinciples of EcotourismThree Parts of EcotourismNegative Effects of TourismAdvantages of EcotourismEcotourism Hotspots During a vacation, most people want to just want to relax with a good drink by the beach or a pool. Not have to worry about working or doing anything whatsoever. That is all well and good, and sometimes, […]

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Subsistence Farming- Sustainability in Africa, The Middle East, and Even at Home

Not all farms you see are commercial farms. True, most are growing crops such as corn, wheat, tobacco, and many others, to sell to markets or companies. However, there are some farmers who only focus on growing enough food for themselves or their community. This is called subsistence farming. While this may sound like a […]

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Renewable Resources: Benefits, Drawbacks and More

With the increasing danger that global warming is becoming, more focus has been put on developing renewable resources and how we can use them. Resources such as the sun or water are being exploited generating energy for personal or mass use. Many of the renewable resources that are found have shown very promising results. Here […]

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Pollution: What Is It, The Different Types and How We Can Reduce It

Pollution is in the front of the minds of people all across the world. For good reason. Pollution now is worse than it has ever been. The United States President is also pushing to revive the coal industry which will cause even more pollution in the form of increased carbon emissions. So, how can we […]

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