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Vast Acres Of The Tropical Rainforest Are Being Brought Back To Life

For decades, thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest across the world have been destroyed by mankind, contributing greatly to global climate change. But now efforts are being made to restore the rainforests, according to a new report from Mongabay, which cites a paper in the journal Science Advances: “The paper, published July 3 in the […]

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Inexpensive Polymer Film May Soon Be Used To Cool Buildings Instead Of Electricity

Big cities and metropolitan areas use lots of electricity. And the design of buildings such as skyscrapers — which are often made of steel and glass — causes those structures to warm quickly, especially with global climate change raising temperatures across the planet. But researchers at the University of Buffalo have designed a revolutionary new […]

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The European Investment Bank says it will refuse to fund fossil fuel projects by the end of 2020

Effective on January 1, 2021, the European Investment Bank (EIB), says it will no longer loan a dime of its money to any fossil fuel company and will instead use its funds to fight global climate change through investments in clean, renewable energy, Bloomberg reports: “’The bank will phase out support to energy projects reliant […]

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Congress is ignoring the climate crisis, so these Extinction Rebellion activists did something remarkable

Fed up with Congress conducting business as usual and dragging its feet as the climate crisis continues to worsen activists with the worldwide Extinction Rebellion movement did something that was sure to be attention-getting. They superglued themselves to doorways along the halls of the U.S. Capitol building Tuesday and called for lawmakers to declare a […]

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The most pervasive man-made pollutant on the planet isn’t plastic, it’s cigarette butts

While bans on plastic straws have been the subject of media attention and laws have been enacted to ban them, the most ubiquitous man-man pollutant on the planet isn’t plastic, it’s cigarette butts, according to a report from NBC News: “Environmentalists have taken aim at the targets systematically, seeking to eliminate or rein in big […]

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Spanish fashion giant Zara says it will make all of its clothes from sustainable fabrics by 2025

Spanish fashion giant Zara is going all green, and says it’s pledging to make all of its clothes from sustainable fabrics by 2025, according to CNN: “All of the cotton, linen and polyester used by Zara will be organic, sustainable or recycled by 2025, parent company Inditex announced this week. “The Spanish retail conglomerate said […]

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Cambodia returning 1,600 tons of plastic waste to the U.S. and Canada

The nation of Cambodia says it’s had enough and is sick and tired of being a dumping ground for the Western world’s trash and plastic waste. CNN reports that Cambodia is the latest Asian country to tell the developed world to find a way to dispose of their garbage without polluting poorer nations: “Cambodian officials […]

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7,000 colleges and universities declare a climate emergency and present a plan

Over 7,000 colleges and universities have declared a climate emergency and also presented a three-point plan to help combat the problem and its costs, according to EcoWatch: “The declaration came in a letter — which other education institutions are encouraged to sign — that was organized by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), […]

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White rhinos at San Diego Zoo may be able to save another nearly extinct rhino species

Their names are Victoria and Amani. They’re two female southern white rhinos who live at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and they’re both pregnant. Victoria is due to give birth in July or August. Amani’s baby is expected in November or December. Anytime an animal as majestic as these rhinos is about to give […]

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