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Activists Bring Urban Farming To One Of The Most Deprived Cities In The United States

Where an illegal dumping ground once stood, there is now an eight-acre agricultural site filled with greenhouses, fish ponds, and a composting facility. Looking around, you might be surprised to learn that you’re in downtown Cleveland, one of the most economically deprived cities in the United States. But thanks to the constant efforts of community […]

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Weak Air Pollution Rules Have Led To Tens Of Thousands Of Deaths In The United States

A new study suggests that insufficient rules regarding air pollution have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people in the United States, according to The Guardian: “US air pollution rules could be hugely insufficient in preventing deaths, experts are concluding from a new study of the likely causes of death of 4.5 […]

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California Bans Fracking In Major Win For The Environment And Public Health

In yet another blow to the fossil fuel industry to the benefit of the environment and public health, California just banned fracking. Hydraulic fracking is a process of extracting paltry amounts of oil from shale rocks by pumping chemicals into the ground at high pressure. Studies show that fracking sites are not safe for the […]

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Native American Tribes Block Copper Mining Company From Destroying Ancestral Lands

For too long, our justice system has sided with the government and corporations at the expense of the rights of indigenous peoples like Native Americans. But a ruling by a judge against a mining company in Arizona may be setting a new precedent. For thousands of years, the Tohono O’odham Nation, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Hopi […]

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California Won’t Buy From Car Companies On The ‘Wrong Side’ Of History

The state of California has a powerful message for automakers who support the lowering of fuel efficiency standards for cars sold in their state: No more state contracts for you. Cal Matters reports that Governor Gavin Newsom made it clear companies that make vehicles that don’t meet the higher fuel efficiency standards the state has […]

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New York City Public Schools Ban All Processed Meat

While most children love hot dogs and bologna sandwiches, they won’t be getting them if they attend public schools in New York City, Tree Hugger reports: “New York City council is taking students’ health seriously. Earlier this year, mayor Bill de Blasio announced the introduction of Meatless Mondays, when all meals served in 1,700 schools […]

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EPA Is Now Totally Cool With Allowing Toxic Coal Ash To Be Dumped In Waterways

In yet another assault on the public health and the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President Donald Trump is giving more gifts to the dying coal industry by weakening regulations designed to prevent toxic coal ash from ending up in the water supply. Earlier this week, coal company Murray Energy filed for bankruptcy […]

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