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Rare Songbird Returns From The Brink Of Extinction Thanks To The Endangered Species Act

Anyone who says that the government cannot make a difference when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment needs to hear the incredible story of the Kirtland’s warbler. In 1971, the tiny songbird was near extinction, according to EcoWatch: “There were only 201 singing males living in six counties of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Science […]

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Small Spikes In Air Pollution Have A Direct Impact On The Mental Health Of Children, New Study Shows

A new study shows that even very small spikes in air pollution can directly affect the mental health of children and lead to an increase in hospital visits for psychiatric issues, according to EcoWatch: “According to the study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, short-term spikes in ambient air pollution are linked with an […]

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Trump Administration Moves Forward To Allow Pork Slaughterhouses To Self-Police; Slashing USDA Inspectors

If you have little concern for the suffering of animals, humans, or data from your own studies, for that matter, you might be inclined to do what the Trump administration’s USDA just did. They have just moved to let slaughterhouses police themselves despite the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. To sum it up: […]

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California Legislature Fails To Pass Bills To Restrict Single-Use Plastic Waste

The California state legislature ended its session Saturday after failing to pass two bills that would have greatly reduced the amount of plastic waste in the Golden State, according to The Mercury News: “The bills, which each cleared one house but not both chambers as required, would have required companies that sell products widely found […]

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American Elk Population Threatened By The Increasing Popularity Of Outdoor Activities

Vail, Colorado, is known as one of the most beautiful places in the United States, drawing tourists from around the world, many of whom travel to the city for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. But the popularity of Vail is having devastating consequences for the elk population in the area, The […]

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Activists Force Withdrawal Of Bid To Build $1.2 Billion Chemical Plant In Louisiana

Activists in Louisiana are claiming victory after they were able to get a Chinese chemical company to withdraw plans to build a $1.25 billion chemical plant in the small town of Convent. Convent is already home to a factory that spews toxic emissions and is believed to have contributed to higher rates of cancer in […]

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Trump Administration Rolls Back Energy Efficiency Standards On Light Bulbs

In yet another blow to the environment, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced this week that it will eliminate energy efficiency standards which were set to take effect in January of 2020, a move that will likely add millions of tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, according to CNBC: “The Trump administration on […]

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All Sea Ice Melted Around Alaska’s Coast As Iceland Prepares To Cope Without Ice

The climate crisis couldn’t be more blatantly obvious, as Iceland held a funeral for the Okjökull glacier, the first of a probable many to melt away. “The country of Iceland is now preparing for how it will cope without any more ice,” reports Truthout. We can use our eyes to see the dramatic effects of […]

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Non-Partisan Group Forming ‘Army Of Environmental Super Voters’ Expands To More States

Nathaniel Stinnett doesn’t think small when it comes to the environment, and he proved that in 2017 when he said he was going to build an “army of environmental super voters” that would rival the National Rifle Association (NRA) and help elect candidates who share his commitment to the planet. HuffPost reports that Stinnett’s Environmental […]

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