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Trump Administration Moves Forward To Allow Pork Slaughterhouses To Self-Police; Slashing USDA Inspectors

If you have little concern for the suffering of animals, humans, or data from your own studies, for that matter, you might be inclined to do what the Trump administration’s USDA just did. They have just moved to let slaughterhouses police themselves despite the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. To sum it up: […]

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Badgers Are Being Exterminated In England For Illogical And Political Reasons

Some 63,000 badgers could be killed this autumn in England, the result of extreme “culling.” It’s being called an “act of ecological vandalism and a national disgrace,” by one conservationist. Badgers will likely be wiped out entirely from some areas, and all in the name of saving cows? The cull is “pushing the species to […]

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Greta Thunberg Slams Critics Who Say Fighting Climate Crisis Costs Too Much

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg made waves in New York City this week by delivering quite a retort to those who think it’s too expensive to fight the climate crisis that threatens our planet. The 16-year-old has been one of the most recognizable voices leading the way in climate protests, and she recently arrived in the […]

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Scientists May Pull Back The Northern White Rhino From Extinction After Successfully Creating 2 Embryos

There are just two northern white rhinoceros on the planet, Najin, and Fatu living in Kenya under 24-hour armed guard. However, an international consortium of scientists has found a way to try and prevent the permanent extinction of the species forever. Both of the remaining rhinos are female, but now there are two embryos created […]

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All Sea Ice Melted Around Alaska’s Coast As Iceland Prepares To Cope Without Ice

The climate crisis couldn’t be more blatantly obvious, as Iceland held a funeral for the Okjökull glacier, the first of a probable many to melt away. “The country of Iceland is now preparing for how it will cope without any more ice,” reports Truthout. We can use our eyes to see the dramatic effects of […]

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How Threatened Elephants Effectively Fight Climate Change

The idea might sound quite strange: Elephants fighting climate change? How do these highly intelligent largest existing land animals affect the climate? And if they do, then how much impact can they really have? According to the New York Times, elephants can have a profound impact on their environment and the world. It puts into perspective […]

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Keep Your Eyes Out For Wonderful Wildlife Crossings As You Hit The Highways For Vacation

As Americans make travel plans and get out on the highways, they face many tedious hours in the car. However, watching the native wildlife and spotting wildflowers along the way can be a memorable and enjoyable part of your vacation. If you love our wildlife, you’ll also love spotting structures built with them in mind: […]

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Northernmost settlement in the world reaches record highs, warmer than British Columbia

The northernmost settlement in the world, Alert, Nunavut, in Canada is a high-security station that monitors electronic signals and communications. The military base is known for a giant display of signs, showing the names of cities and the vast distances in thousands of kilometers to travel there from the remote location. It’s over 4000 miles […]

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Hindu Temples bring back the black softshell turtle species – declared extinct 17 years ago

In India, a species turtle thought to have gone extinct in 2002, the black softshell turtle, has a new chance at life thanks to efforts by the caretakers of Hindu Temples and conservationists. There, the turtles are revered and protected as the reincarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu. The freshwater turtles were once abundant, but […]

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