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32 Earth Day Quotes for Your Photo Captions or Celebrations

Every April 22nd, we gather together to appreciate the planet we live on and everything it does. Great Earth Day quotes help spread awareness about why our planet needs and deserves protecting. Check out some of our favorite quotes from scientists, politicians, writers, and activists so you can get inspired too. Earth Day is a time […]

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U.N. treaty would be first ever to protect ecosystems in international waters from exploitation

The United Nations is preparing to take a stand in defense of international waters to protect ecosystems from exploitation by crafting a treaty to regulate how nations exploit the resources found in parts of the ocean not under anyone’s jurisdiction. As climate change, pollution and over-fishing continue to negatively impact ocean ecosystems, the world is […]

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Scientist finds beloved lake from his childhood polluted, see what he did next

What if there were a totally safe, biodegradable nanomaterial that could transform polluted ponds and lakes into healthy, vibrant ecosystems again? It turns out, that such a technology already exists, created by a young man named Marino Morikawa.   A Peruvian-Japanese scientist with a degree in environmental science from a university in Japan, Marino Morikawa, […]

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Science and conservation help unite the worst of enemies in war torn Afghanistan

Even in wartorn countries like Afghanistan, there is a surprising bridge that could unite the worst of enemies, including the Taliban, Afghan opposition figures, refugees, and U.S. officials. This bridge transcends ethnicity, religion, language, culture, and politics: conserving natural resources.   If people are willing to go to war over land, it makes sense they […]

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This is how Obama is inspiring young climate change protesters to win the fight

Former President Barack Obama praised the effort of young climate change activists during a town hall event in Berlin on Saturday, and urged them not to give up the fight for our planet’s future. Obama spent eight years in the White House building a climate change record that has been hailed by environmentalists and scientists […]

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This is how we all can make a difference to reduce water pollution-

As you read this, consider that your brain is made up of 73 percent water, while the planet we live on is about 70 percent water. Only three percent of Earth’s water is freshwater, with most of that locked in ice.   Now consider that the human population is climbing from over 7.7 billion people […]

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