The Benefits of Having a Commercial Paper Shredder for Your Business

There are many options for a business owner when it comes to handling old paperwork and what to do with it. Obviously, each business is different and will have different needs to fulfill. For example, an interior design firm may be able to throw away documents without having to worry too much about confidentiality. However, a law firm has to be very cautious about how and where they get rid of old papers. A legal form contains large amounts of confidential information, which is why it’s so important to consider how to get rid of it.

As a professional legal company, it’s required by law for the firm to keep legal government documents for around six to seven years (depending on the state) before throwing them out. However, many firms now are opting to go the paperless route and can scan everything onto their computer drives. But after the papers are scanned, where do they go? Obviously in the trash… even though we all know that they can’t just be thrown away. They must be shredded, which is where a commercial paper shredder comes into play.

A common place to start for small business owners is to use a light-duty paper shredder that can shred around six to eight sheets at a time. This works great for a company that doesn’t have many papers to shred. However, if you need to destroy several sheets, there are two different options to choose from.

Hiring a Professional Shred Company

First, a business can choose to hire a professional shredding company to take care of their shredding needs. This requires that they keep a large bin in the office to place the old paperwork in. Typically, the bin looks similar to a trash can but has a key and lock on the top with a small slit to slide the papers in. Every few weeks, the shredding company empties the bins and takes the old papers, so businesses don’t have to.

Although this is a great option, it’s not always ideal. What happens when businesses have too many papers, and their bin gets full before the shred company can pick it up? What do they do then?

If this sounds at all familiar to you, you should consider purchasing a commercial paper shredder for your office.

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Using a Commercial Paper Shredder

The nice thing about a commercial paper shredder is that it’s fast, efficient, and allows you to shred papers at any time. You don’t have to wait around for a company to empty your bins. This means that clutter doesn’t have to gather up your office and you can stay organized and clean. You also don’t have to waste time feeding your machine only a few sheets of paper at a time (as a light-duty paper shredder would do). In fact, you can let your machine run up to forty-five minutes straight and shred almost five hundred sheets at a time.

The Benefits of a Commercial Paper Shredder

Here are some other benefits of using a commercial paper shredder.

1. It helps you shred your mounds of papers.

Are you sick and tired of having old paperwork spread all over your office or desk? A commercial shredder will help solve that problem. You’ll be able to get the job done quickly by feeding through several sheets of paper at a time. 

2. It allows you to get rid of paperwork containing confidential information.

As mentioned earlier, there are several businesses dealing with confidential information that certain eyes should not see. If old papers are just thrown in a garbage can, the information on it is at risk of exposure. With a commercial paper shredder, however, you can be ensured that papers are safely thrown out, as they should be.

3. It helps you to save room.

If your business is opting to take a paperless route, a commercial paper shredder is what will help you get there. Instead of old papers just sitting there collecting dust, you can get rid of them quickly and effectively.

4. You can still recycle the paper that it shreds.

This is great news for those business owners who are trying to be environmentally friendly! Simply unload the bin after it fills up and dump the shredded paper right into the recycle bin.

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Summing Up

As you can see, there are many great benefits of a commercial paper shredder for businesses. Although there are professional shred companies that will do the work for you, they may not collect your papers as quickly as you’d like. With a commercial paper shredder, you can still place several different papers in at a time, which makes it faster than a light-duty one. It also has the power and efficiency to run for several minutes at a time. Could your business benefit from having a commercial paper shredder? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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