Company Makes Sustainable Luggage Using Recyclable Materials To Make Travel Greener

When we think of sustainable travel, our first thoughts are not likely to be of luggage, which is often made using unrecyclable materials. And there’s a lot of it. But a new company called PHOENX hopes to change the industry by manufacturing greener luggage.

Based in London, the PHOENX team currently has a campaign on Kickstarter seeking funding to take their environmentally friendly idea to the next level.

“PHOENX began with the simple idea that the choices we make have a lasting effect on the world around us,” the company says on the campaign page. “Traveling is an essential part of the human experience. It’s also responsible for as much as eight percent of global carbon emissions. By providing a product that is sustainably produced and highly functional, we hope to positively influence travelers to make more intentional choices in how they move from place to place.”

Indeed, the airline industry is one of the dirtiest industries in the world. Some airlines are actively trying to change the way they do business by experimenting with biofuels. Meanwhile, others are experimenting with flights that are plastic-free.

While that’s a good start, PHOENX is focusing on travelers themselves and how they can reduce their own carbon footprint short of flying less.

That’s where their sustainable carry-on suitcase comes in.

“The PHOENX carry-on suitcase is made from 95% recycled and regenerated materials,” the company states. “Our signature modular design allows each component to be sent in for replacement, enabling the PHOENX team to properly recycle each part. This benefits both the consumer and our planet by decreasing unnecessary waste and extending the lifespan of your luggage.”

“When you feel it is time to renew it, you can send it back to us and choose between having it restyled by our creative design team or getting a new model,” CEO Francesco Salom told Treehugger.

The company even explains what materials they recycle to manufacture the luggage and proudly notes that they are teamed with a non-profit organization to help promote ocean health.

With a product that transforms waste including fishing nets, carpets, recycled plastics, rubber and aluminium into a durable new form, PHOENX have developed an ethical flow that includes worker-friendly production and a holistic collaboration with non-profit Oceanic Global whose international hubs advise industry and interest groups how to adapt their operations with the health of our oceans in mind.

And at a time when many companies don’t care enough to vet where their supplies come from, PHOENX does exactly that and works with engineers to make sure their materials meet stringent standards, all while treating workers right.

Being the first to integrate recycled materials in the luggage industry meant our team needed to carry out a number of quality tests to ensure the high standards we intended to deliver. In the process, we collaborated with world-leading engineers and vetted all suppliers of our components to ensure they superseded industry standards.

One of the biggest challenges has been finding suppliers who share our brand mission and meet our ethical standards – which is not just environmental, but includes fair working hours and pay for all employees. In order to meet these expectations, we brought in outside consultants to help us establish a fair, equitable supply chain.

Again, most companies don’t give customers an option to have a product repaired, resulting in an item becoming trash when it could continue to be used. PHOENX gives customers that option and will accept the old item to recycle it into a new one if a customer just wants a replacement.

Thus, a cycle of sustainability and reuse is achieved.

PHOENX could end up forcing industry competitors to change the way they do business, which would make the world a better place overall.

So far, the company has only reached just over a quarter of their funding goal, but there’s still time to help. If you care about the environment and creating a more sustainable world, this a product that needs to be available worldwide.

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