Trying to Cope With Climate Change Effects: What We Imagine

Researchers around the world developed thousands of studies over the years, trying to cope with climate change effects. However, our imagination can trigger waves of famous advocacy and resistance. Imagination can lay the cornerstone of an entire generation, fueling their progress and political development.

The power of collective imagination lies in the journey of our ancestors across the Atlantic Ocean, FDR’s New Deal, the Emancipation Proclamation of Lincoln, and Dr. King’s civil rights movement. These historical events redefined what is pragmatic and possible.

Nowadays, after two powerful hurricanes have struck the United States in the recent months, people are forced to re-think their options when it comes to global warming. Other disasters, like the wildfires which incinerated the lands of the American West, dictate who is to survive the climate change disaster.

The effects of global warming triggered powerful hurricanes like Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma which destroyed hundreds of houses. The damages left thousands of people without homes. Despite all these, Donald Trump still believes that climate change is ‘a hoax’.

We need to learn to cope with climate change

The rest of the world has reached a consensus, indicating that climate change triggers the warming of the atmosphere and oceans, becoming easier for destructive weather events to turn into massive monsters. The latest powerful weather events turned into catastrophes, taking thousands of innocent lives while trashing houses, buildings, and cars.

It took a few terrifying hurricanes and other weather events for most of the scientists to agree that these are the effects of global warming. Now, they agree that there is a link between the carbon emissions deriving from fossil fuels’ burnings and climate change. Furthermore, the victims of these damaging weather events were people who could not afford the luxury to fly to a safe area anywhere on the globe.

They are all simple people who could not even assure their kids or themselves regular access to medicine, shelter, and food. These people lived things others can only find in their worst nightmares. This may be the cause of others not believing in the power of nature and its revenge. The current events represent the answer to all those questions like why we should recycle, why we need to protect the environment, why we should stop pollution.

Latest studies indicate that trying to fix our planet to survive the dangerous world is damning. We need to work together to re-imagine it and rebuild it at the same time. We have no time to waste. If policymakers continue to be blinded by some researchers and politicians’ ideas, then we might suffer a tragic ending. At this moment, America is trying its best to survive, even though it’s overwhelmed by the latest catastrophic events.

Destroyed houses and buildings after a hurricane

Hurricanes caused serious damages in the U.S. this year, where hundreds of people lost their houses.

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Policymakers need to re-imagine the future of this planet

State officials need to open their eyes and see that America is living a bad dream, a terrible chapter in history that might remain impregnated in the minds of the victims and those of the generations to come. Nowadays, common sense turned vulnerable when it comes to partisan dogma. Noam Chomsky named the current Republican Party the “most dangerous organization on earth”.

However, we should not forget about the Democratic Party which has concluded that scientists should stop scaring people so much. Nowadays policymakers only offer individualistic solutions like purchasing solar panels, an electric car, a composting bin and using only LED light bulbs.

These efforts could be part of a green program in which regular people need to carry the burden of combating climate change. Nowadays policymakers miss out on some important details. They need to change the regulations for industries that use fossil fuel and generate numerous pollutants.

Studies show that industries have by far a much greater impact on the current environmental crisis compared to regular people. However, this does not mean that we should stop recycling. It is obvious that people need to be encouraged to do environmentally friendly activities.

Climate change will soon transform this planet into a cemetery

Lawmakers should rethink their games. They would make the world a better place if they stopped offering subsidies to all fossil fuel harvesters. Instead, they should use the subsidies to install solar panels on all the houses in America. They will surely reduce greenhouse gas emissions even if this is not a complete solution for global warming. At least, this is a step forward that really proves the consequences of the efforts to preserve nature.

However, at this point, these ideas are ludicrous since they undermine the free market ideology. This ideology has shaped America’s economy for the past forty years. The U.S. has certain ideologies and core ideas that are too powerful to be altered. How can people believe that they would get solar panels installed? How can the American economy afford such a thing?

Even if lawmakers want to make us believe they cannot do it, they actually can. No one says that ideologies cannot be crushed in time. However, any big change happened in time. This may also take a few years until policymakers will change their minds. The question is if we have enough time to wait for them, standing with our arms crossed.

Many societies around the world managed to transform crazy fantasies into reality. They proved that everything is possible when something needs to be done since circumstances call for desperate measures. These climate crises are indicators suggesting that we need to use our imagination and come up with a solution.

Summing up

However, expressing ideas is not enough since words dissipate in the wind. What we need to do is imagine actions and start proceeding. We need to start imagining the next chapter of our lives, trying to make it better. Before all these, we all need to accept the fact that the world is not permanent. The Earth does not owe us anything. Nevertheless, we own this planet everything. We should do all we can to save us before the ship goes down and we go down with it.

Image Source: Boise Weekly

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