Creative and Unique Ways to Use the Lemons in Your Kitchen

There isn’t anything worse than buying fruit and not being able to eat it before it goes bad. Whether it’s because you forgot about it or you had too much, its heartbreaking throwing food away. Or, you might see a really great sale on fruit but don’t have any use for it. Well, there are plenty of unique uses for fruit. Today, I’m going to talk specifically about lemons. If you’re like me, then you only buy lemons when a recipe calls for it. However, it’s hard to walk away from them when they’re $.99 per pound. But, like many other fruits, there are some crazy things that you can do with lemons. I’m not even referring to cooking, either! You can use lemons for household chores, as beauty products, and to brighten up your house!

Keep Other Food Fresh

Lemon juice is kind of like an anti-aging formula for fruits and vegetables. It is a great way to keep cut and uncut fruits and vegetables fresh. The juice has ascorbic acid that protects the food. Oxygen will react with the juice before it has a chance to effect the food. Therefore, lemon juice is an ideal way to keep the food in your fridge fresh!

Remove Stains

Pesky stains are no match for lemon juice. The acid in the juice helps to absorb stains and break them down. Granted, lemons aren’t meant to be a replacement for laundry detergent. However, it’s a great addition to help your clothes get cleaner and whiter. There are other ways to naturally remove stains, but lemons are my first choice. 

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Whiten Your Teeth

If you’re concerned because you don’t pass the tissue test, then have no fear. Lemons are a great and natural way to whiten your teeth. The citric acid in the juice acts like bleach. That’s one reason that it also makes for a great stain remover. Now, it’s important that you don’t just put lemon juice on your teeth because it can harm them. However, you can mix the lemon juice with baking powder until it makes a paste. It should only take a few weeks for you to see results. If you’re not comfortable using lemon juice on your teeth, then there are other natural ways to whiten your teeth.

Lemons Kill Weeds

If you have weeds that won’t go away, then lemons are a great natural alternative to chemicals. The acid in lemons helps to break down the weeds all the way to the roots. Lemon juice can creep into hard to reach places and get down into the cracks. Also, it’s completely natural so you don’t have to worry about your pets eating the weeds before they’re gone. If you want to try other natural weed killers then there are plenty to choose from!


In conclusion, there are a ton of unique ways to use lemons. The acid in them is amazing and is the reason that you can use lemons for so many household chores. The next time that you’re worried that your lemons will go bad before you have a chance to use them, then think about what else you could use them for besides cooking. It’ll save your wallet and might help the planet, too!   

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Bailey Longhurst

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