4 DIY Pet Toys to Make With Upcycled Materials

Pet toys can be expensive, and more often than not, pets play with items that you never intended to be toys. Some pets will destroy toys in a matter of days, making it difficult to justify spending money on toys. Did you know you can make toys your pet will love with materials at home? Whether you are trying to save some money or give your pet a cheap toy they can destroy, these DIY ideas are for you. These pet toys will inspire you to upcycle materials you already have, which will also help the environment.

Plastic Bottle Pet Toys

Many of the drinks we buy come in plastic bottles that we only use once before throwing out. Before throwing them in the recycling bin, reuse them until you can use them no longer. (Check out some other fun plastic bottle DIYs here.) You can also reuse plastic bottles for your pet. Wrap the bottle in an old T-shirt, scrap fabric, or even an old sock and tie off the ends. This way, your pet has something he can crunch on without shredding it, eating it, or potentially cutting his mouth.

Tennis Ball Toys

If you have some tennis balls that have lost their bounce sitting at home, you can also reuse them as a pet toy. Similar to the plastic bottle toy, you can wrap the ball in any kind of fabric you no longer use. Tying it off to give it a tail makes both a fun fetch and tug toy. You can also cut a slit in the ball to hide treats. This will keep your pet occupied for a while.

I do not recommend the second idea for pets that tear things apart though. I have known dogs that can destroy a tennis ball in one sitting! Those little destroyers are better off with the fabric method.

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Rope or Fabric Toys

Even if you do not have plastic bottles or tennis balls, you can make pet toys out of any scrap fabric or rope. Cut old towel, T-shirts, or scraps into strips, then tie them together at the end. Braid the strands together and tie it off for a homemade tug toy! You can also use rope, both thin and thick, to tie knots in that your pet will love.

Stick Toys

Using a stick from your yard or even neighborhood park, you can create a toy that both cats and dogs will love. Tie one end of a strip of fabric to the stick, and tie something to use as bait on the other end of the strip. (My dog loves pinecones, which will work for this toy!) This works just like the toys you can buy at a pet store, but this one is both cheap and environmentally friendly.

Reuse and Recycle Old Pet Toys

If your pet has shredded the toys you have already bought for them, you can still reuse it. You can wrap just about any toy in fabric and make it as good as new. If there is no way to save it, check with your local recycling facility to see if they accept pet toys. If the toys are gently used and your pet no longer plays with it, there are plenty of shelters who accept donations for the animals in their care. These are simple ways to care for your pets and the environment at the same time.

Image Source: Pixabay

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