Dizaul Solar Power Bank: Review

Review of the Dizaul Solar Power Bank

We came across the Dizaul solar power bank when we were making our top 10 best portable solar panels. While it is not the best solar charger on the market, it is one of the most affordable ones available. It currently holds a 3.9 rating on Amazon and for good reason. Let's dive into to all the Dizaul has to offer. 

Best Fea​tures

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Item Specifics

One of the Dizaul solar power bank's best qualities is how small it is. It is insanely portable. It weighs only 4 ounces and is sized at 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches. You can essentially take this device with you anywhere, without having to worry about any added weight or space. 


Since the device is so small, there is not a lot of space left for a whole lot of tech. The battery capacity is the smallest we have seen. At 5000mAh it still holds enough charge the standard smartphone completely and still have some power left over. Like many other solar chargers, the Dizaul solar power bank also features dual USB ports. However, they both max out at only 1 amp. This is still enough to charge your phone at an average speed. Roughly about 2 hours or more to charge a smartphone from empty. Not too bad, considering the size of the device. 

The solar panel included in the Dizaul solar power bank is actually more efficient than one might think. While it is only a 1.2w input, the battery is small enough that it can charge the power bank battery completely in about 10 hours of strong sunlight. However the efficiency does drop substantially if there are a good amount of clouds. The solar cells are polycrystalline, which helps to keep the price low but the efficiency at a decent level. Not as efficient as monocrystalline, but much cheaper. 


Here is another one of the best selling points of the Dizaul solar power bank. It is super durable. The body is made from eco-friendly silicone rubber, ABS and PC material with a rubber paint surface process. In addition, it also has a football grain design which features an anti-skid backing, giving it a very nice grip. Not to mention the device is water resistant, dustproof and shock absorbent. You can bring this thing anywhere and not have to worry about it getting damaged. There are also rubber caps that fit perfectly over the USB charging ports. While these are great in theory, as they can help to protect the sensitive circuitry, it can make it hard to insert and remove the USB cables. 

Other Features

The Dizaul solar power bank has many features that have been seen on a lot of other solar chargers. One of them is an LED flashlight, though the Dizaul features a very small one. There is also a carabiner hook that can attach to the loop at the top of the device. Like others of the same design, it makes it easy to carry on a backpack and take advantage of the sunlight while you hike. One nice little addition to the solar power bank is a USB LED lamp that comes included with the device. This can plug right into one of the USB charging ports and act as a reading lamp for late night reads, adding to the overall convenience of this device. 

About This Company

From the information I found, it seems that the website for this company has hit a bit of a speed bump and is currently offline. However, they are still active on Amazon. Dizaul has an 89% approval rating, from over 1700 ratings. They apparently specialize in electronic accessories ranging from earbuds to portable fans, as well as other fun little trinkets. Overall they seem like a trustworthy company and people seem to have mostly positive reviews of their products. 


The Dizaul solar power bank is crazy portable. It basically looks and feels like a clunky iPhone, and weighs about the same. So if you are worried about this device taking up space and adding to the overall weight of your pack, you can rest easy. 

The solar charger is also very durable for its size. While not completely water proof, it resists water very well due to its rubber USB port covers. Not to mention the body is shock absorbent and made out of eco-friendly silicone rubber. 

The solar panels are good quality and work actually decently. Due to the size, there is not a lot of surface space for the solar cells, but they make the best of the space they have. Also, since the battery is smaller, the solar panels can charge the backup battery much quicker than others with bigger batteries. 

The neat features add to its overall convenience. The small USB LED lamp is great for using inside a tent at night. The LED flashlight included in the device works well and is surprisingly bright for its size. Plus the carabiner hook makes for simple carrying.

Also it comes in 4 different colors! Black, green, blue, and yellow. 

The price is pocket change. Very cheap.


While the size of the battery makes for better solar charging, it is still smaller than we would have liked. We recommend a minimum battery capacity of 10000mAh, but the Dizaul solar power bank is only 5000mAh. 

The solar panels are highly sensitive to cloud cover. In addition, due to the size of the device, there is not a lot of surface space for the solar panels to take advantage of. 

The rubber caps for the USB ports can be easily damaged or torn off by accident. Not to mention they make inserting and disconnecting the USB cables inconvenient. 

The dual USB charging ports only give out a max of 1.2 amps. Many solar chargers we have seen around the same price give a standard 2.1 amps, which is needed for fast charging of smartphones. 

Final Thoughts:

Even though the is rather inefficient and holds a fairly smaller battery than we would have liked, it is extremely portable and convenient. If you are looking for something cheap but does the job fairly well, than this is the one for you. However, there are others that are not that much more expensive that do a far better job. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. This little guy doesn't hold a light to what the big $50 solar chargers can do. But for the price, it is pretty worth it. 

dizaul solar power bank


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    Great Price
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    Super portable
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    Neat extra features


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    Small battery
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    Inefficient solar panels
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    Low output USB ports
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    Rubber USB caps are easily damaged and rather inconvenient

Dizaul Solar Power Bank Conclusion

The Dizaul Solar Power Bank is a great choice for the casual consumer, looking for something cheap yet effective. But for those hardcore outdoors people, this will not live up to your expectations. Nevertheless, it is very cheap. You can find it for $19.95 on Amazon. For more information or to check out our other best portable solar panels reviews, check out Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying The Dizaul Solar Power Bank.

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    How fast will it charge using a DC input? About 2-4 hours for a full charge of the power bank. 
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    How can I gauge the power level of the device? There are 4 pilot lights at the top. Each light indicates 25% of the battery. 
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    How will I know if the device is solar charging? There is a small green light that comes on to indicate it is receiving solar energy. 

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