Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food Stage 2, Favorite Fruits Variety Pack Review

The Earth's Best Organic Baby Food seems to be a controversial product. It currently has only 3.2 stars on Amazon, and most of the top reviews are very critical. While the ingredients inside this organic baby food seem very good, it looks like many of the complains are of the nature of the quality. Let's dig in and see what is up with this brand of baby food. 

Best Fea​tures

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    Fruits and Veggies Kept Separate
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    Certified Organic
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    Glass Jars
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    Stage 2

Item Specifics

Earth's Best Organic Baby Food is a stage 2 food, meant for ages 6 months and up. Here, the baby food will be thicker and may feature small and soft pieces of food. Since babies at this age still do not have many teeth, the pieces of food will be soft enough for them to chew with their gums, but still substantial for their appetite. Now, these pieces of food will still be sparse, as the real chunks are yet to come. It is also a good idea at this stage to start mixing different foods together, like pureed meats and vegetables, or vegetables and fruits. In addition, at this age, it is also safe to allow them mashed, fresh fruits, like bananas.

Serving Sizes

As for the serving sizes for stage two, it is recommended that you start with a teaspoon or two of each food and increase the portions to a quarter cup to a half cup of food, twice a day. However, it is also important not to overfeed your kid. Look for signs from your baby that they are full. For example, if they turn their head away from the spoon after a few spoonfuls, do not force more. 

Glass Jars

The baby food is kept in glass jars. The jars are more recommended than the plastic pouches because it is easier to keep fresh, they are reusable, and it is easier to detect any contamination of the food. This specific baby food brand only features combinations of fruits or veggies. It is rare that they combine both fruits and veggies into one food product. This is awesome because this teaches your child to appreciate the flavor of plain veggies, ones that are not sweetened by fruits. 

Organic or Not?

Lastly, Earth's Best Organics baby food is certified organic by the USDA. This means that the ingredients used were grown without any GMO, pesticides/ herbicides/ insecticides, and made with no artificial or added flavors or sweeteners, along with no modified corn starch. All of this is awesome, as you obviously want the best for your baby. Giving them food with many added and artificial flavors and sugars is definitely not the best. Plus, you baby does not need any extra sugar in their system, especially fake sugar. 


There are a bunch of great features and benefits that come with the Earth's Best Organic baby food. For starters, the containers that this food is kept in are glass jars. These are great because they are reusable and easy to keep fresh. In addition, the lid is made from a BPA free material. 

If the organic certification was not enough for you, there is more. Many of the foods from Earth's Best Organic baby food is actually vegan. Their Apples and Apricots recipe, for example, is considered vegan. In addition, the foods have a great nutritional value. Again, looking at the Apples and Apricots recipe, it has 60 total calories, 0 grams of fat, trans or saturated, 0 milligrams of sodium, 15 grams of carbs which includes 2 grams of dietary fiber and 12 grams of sugars, and more than a gram of protein (which is to be expected in fruits). This recipe also accounts for 4% of the daily value of iron, 3% protein, and 4% of calcium. Overall, a pretty well rounded nutritional value for this specific recipe. Now of course this will change depending on the recipe you choose, but for a fruits combination, it is very good. 

About This Company

Earth's Best Organic baby food was founded in 1985. They are dedicated to providing nutritious fruits from organic orchards, chemical free vegetables, and foods made without genetically engineered ingredients. They have various farms spread throughout, where Earth's Best Organics get some of their organic ingredients. Some of the farms include Burch Farms, Stemlit Farms, Nature Fresh, and Pedersen Farms. All of which, they have listed on their website as well as what they specialize in. 

Their product line has grown far past just baby food. They also have available formula, toddler foods, kids' foods, diapers and wipes, personal care items, frozen foods, and special diet. Many of their products are available in stores such as Whole Foods. In terms of infant foods, they have available food for every stage in your baby's life, along with cereals, jars, and puree pouches. 


Earth's Best Organic baby food is certified organic by the USDA. This means that there are no added or artificial colors or flavors. Along with no GMOs, pesticides used, or modified corn starches. 

This organic baby food is stored in jars. These jars are not only reusable, but they feature a BPA free resealable lid. This makes for quick and easy storing to keep the food inside fresh.

The foods are packed full of nutrients that your baby needs to grow. In addition, they feature only fruits or only veggies, which implants the love for plain veggies early on. 


The most common critical reviews around this brand of organic baby food is that the quality from buying them on Amazon is much different than buying them from a store like Whole Foods. Many have reported the food being a weird and thick consistency, and some even having mold in them. 

Final Thoughts:

It seems that buying Earth's Best Organic baby food in a grocery store is the way to go. For some reason, there seems to be an issue when buying the food online. Perhaps there is a separate warehouse with unsuitable conditions for keeping the food fresh, or maybe the food is frozen and thawed which might explain the weird consistency. Whatever the reason is, there seems to be a big difference in the quality of the food when buying in a store, rather than online. That would explain the rather low Amazon rating as well. Because it seems that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the ingredients or the nutritional quality of the food, just a quality issue when buying through Amazon. 

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    Organic Certified
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    Glass Jars
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    Great nutritional quality


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    Seems to be a quality issue when buying online when compared to a store

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food Conclusion

It seems that the better idea is to buy Earth's Best Organic Baby Food from a grocery store that carries it, rather than buy from Amazon. However, if you are still set on buying from Amazon, you can pick up the Fruits Variety Pack that features 12 jars for $10.35. For any other information, including the best organic baby food, check out the rest of Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Earth’s Best Organic Stage 2 Baby Food.

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    Is it normal for the food to be separated when first opened? Yes, separation is normal in organic foods. Simply mix it together and it will be fine. 
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    Where can I find the expiration date? It is on the top of the lid. 

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