Eco Chic as a Design Statement and Lifestyle: From Recycled Bags to Furniture

So you love the planet but you also want to enjoy your clothing and home design, too. Fortunately, that’s possible, seeing that minding your environmental impact while being chic is easier than ever. Yes, the term “eco” often conjures up less-than-desirable associations, but a new line of eco chic retailers and consumers are here to prove you that green can be gorgeous.

What Does Eco Chic Mean?

Eco chic speaks to all the people who want to care for the Earth but who also love to shop and drink lattes from the corporate coffee stands. Eco chic allows them to limit the amount of resources they use while also enjoying their lifestyle to the maximum.

Eco-living is more often than not associated with bland colors and a life deprived of any modern pleasures. However, the eco chic trend aims to change our perspective and offer hope to the people who don’t feel like they fully belong to the eco community. Now you can be part of the crunchy granola tribe as well as the Starbucks drinking cheery crowd.

You can, in fact, buy organic eggs, paint your house with non-toxic paint, while also wearing top brand clothing bought from thrift shops and sometimes drinking a coffee with organic milk at Starbucks. In the eco chic world, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Trendy is the New Green

Eco chic has become increasingly prevalent and you might have read about it in magazines or on fashion/food blogs. If you’ve ever been confused by the term, it simply means a lifestyle that successfully combines trendiness and environment. Eco chic is not just concerned with the environmental impact of your actions, but also with the hip factor of the products and services you use.

The mentality of the eco-chic person covers more than just clothing. It extends to all aspects of life, where you can buy the green brand-name version of pretty much anything, including furniture. That’s why you can buy an unbranded hemp tote bag for as little as $7.50, while the same bag emblazoned with a cool slogan will sell up to $30.

Eco Chic Tips for a Greener Living

Winter is here, which means we are all doing plenty of entertaining for the holidays. With that in mind, let’s look at some useful tips and tricks that allow you to entertain the eco-chic way. While some of these tips might require some investing on your part, others are free.

Eco Shop – Make sure you bring your reusable bags with you when you shop for your goods at the grocery store or a farmer’s market. Keep the (eco) shoppers in your car so you’re never forced to go back to the eco-toxic plastic or paper bags. A lot of retailers offer pretty cute patterns and bright colors. Not only that, but they also zip up into tiny pouches that allow easy storage.

Pack It Up – When bringing lasagna, pie, or any other dish to a party, skip the wasteful tinfoil, plastic, or Saran wrap. Instead, place it inside an eco food carrier that will also keep your dish warm. Not only do they keep your food hot or cold for a long time, but these carriers will also reduce your household paper or plastic waste. Also, these travel bags are designed in such a way that your hot and heavy dishes will be easy to carry.

Say No to Waste

No Paper or Plastic – This might not make you very happy, but it will sure help you be greener. If you want to entertain the eco way, you must say no to paper and plastic items. Resorting to paper plates and plastic utensils may sound great in terms of the cleanup time, but you’re just harming the environment even more. Always use silverware, dishes, and reusable napkins. Head over to The Little Market to buy great glassware.

Leftovers – Plastic bags or containers for leftovers only adds to the waste out there. Instead, send your guests home with some leftovers wrapped up in reusable zip bags. That way, you can also help them get on a slightly greener path!

Eco Chic: Is it A Fad or Here to Stay?

You may already be on board the eco chic train and enjoying it very much. However, there’s one downside associated with the mentality behind the eco chic trend. Some believe the chic aspect might soon become increasingly more important than the green message. If its adepts are not careful, eco chic will encourage people to still be on board with rampant consumerism.

Keep in mind that green living is not just concerned with what you purchase. It’s also important that you see the difference between what you need and what you want. That way, you can reduce the amount you consume.

And so the question arises: Does green living really need to be so hip in order to gain traction? For the marketing-oriented generation of today, the answer is probably yes. It appears that the doomsday threats of the last 30 years have failed to do the job, so why not try a different approach?



Green Living at Its Best

One thing is for sure: People don’t want to see the terrible effects of overconsumption. As we already said, they want to have their cake and eat it to. And many are ready to pay the steeper price that comes with “green branding.” But given that we live in the age of consequences, this should never leave our focus. Eco-chic brand marketing could do with a little more balance in presenting people with the whole truth of green living.

On the other hand, eco chic does something we have failed to do so far – it exposes more people to the concept of living a greener life without having to lose one’s sense of style. That is pretty great, but we also have to be aware that others might feel alienated because the mistakenly feel they cannot afford to go green. After all, eco chic items tend to make the most media appearances and they’re dreadfully expensive.

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