5 Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Decorations to Make This Year

Many people love the holidays purely for the fact that they get to use all their fall decorations. If you do not have any holiday decorations, especially for this Thanksgiving, we have a handful of decorations you can make. These are eco-friendly decorations, so you can use the materials you have at home or in your yard. Even though people tend to spend a hefty amount of money this year, you do not have to. Give these five eco-friendly Thanksgiving decorations a chance, and you and your guests are sure to love them.

Edible Food Bowls

Thanksgiving fills the sink with a mountain of dishes after cooking all day, but you can make that pile smaller. By making edible food bowls, you can cut back on your water consumption from running the dishwasher and save your energy for that inevitable turkey coma. Use squash from your garden or buy a few from a local farmer. Cut off the top, hollow it out, and use it as a bowl for your appetizers. Try adding foods like olives, veggies, and cheese slices. Once your guests have emptied the bowls, you can use the squash to make another favorite dish. This creates zero waste, so the environment will thank you!

Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and finding happiness in what you already have. To help your family and guests remember this, create a gratitude tree to add to your Thanksgiving decorations. Gather sticks from your yard and arrange them in a vase or jar so that it resembles the branches of a tree. Using your scrap paper stash, cut out leaf shapes or any other shape you want. Next, punch a hole in the side of the paper and tie string through it. This way, everyone can write what they are grateful for and hang it on the tree. After eating, you can go through all the tree leaves and read what everyone else wrote.

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Fall Candle Jars

This is another great addition to your Thanksgiving decorations, and it uses the leaves in your yard! For best results, gather leaves that have not fully dried out yet. If you have time, press and dry them yourself so they are flat. Next, take a handful of glass jars and cover the outside of the jar with glue diluted with water. (Make sure your jars are clean beforehand or it will not work as well.) Stick the leaves all over the outside of the jar, then add an additional layer of glue on top of them. This creates a sleek modge podge look. Add a battery-powered tealight to the jar, and you have some fall-colored candles.

Cardboard Turkey

There are several uses for empty toilet paper rolls, and you can even use them for your Thanksgiving decorations. Cut the bare cardboard tubes into rings, and paint them the colors of turkey plumage. Arrange your rings into the shape of a turkey and glue them onto a piece of paper or cardstock. This is a great craft for the kids, and then they can hang it on the fridge or wall to show off their hard work.

Pine Cone Place Card Holders

The last of our list of Thanksgiving decorations involves collecting pine cones from outside. Pine cones add a rustic look to your decorations that is perfect for the holiday season. Besides, it does not cost a thing and you can use them over and over again! You can place your pine cones in a decorative glass bowl or vase, or you can use them as place card holders. Use scrap paper to write the names of all your guests, then perch them on top or tie them to the pine cone. 

Have Fun with Your Thanksgiving Decorations

With everything else you have to worry about during the holidays, do not let your Thanksgiving decorations be one of them. Each of these decorations are easy to make, so you can get the whole family together to make them. The holiday season is about spending time with your loved ones, so make sure you have fun with them!

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