Eco Friendly Tote Bags: Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Them

When starting implementing the use of eco-friendly tote bags you diminish the amount of plastic bags you use, recycling more. Many retail stores and grocery stores have completely replaced the use of plastic bags, offering their customers one possibility: tote bags. These bags are durable, and they are very good for the environment. They have a lot of many other uses besides transporting your groceries.

You can use them as weekend bags or beach bags. Furthermore, you could also use them around the house to store arts and crafts supplies, spare parts, children’s toys. In what follows, we will offer a list of advantages and disadvantages that will help you decide whether to replace your plastic bags or not.

The advantages of using  eco friendly tote bags

  • The first advantage when using reusable grocery bags is that you can use them again and again. Therefore, instead of buying a new plastic bag every time you go shopping, you reuse the tote bag you already have.
  • Another important benefit is that they avoid the negative impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paper or plastic. In this way, they help reduce the production of paper while also reducing cutting down trees. Therefore, it helps us protect the environment.
  • Also, these bags are very durable since they are cotton-based ones. Therefore, you can wash them together with the rest of your clothes.
  • Since this type of bags is recyclable, this means they are also biodegradable. Therefore, you should throw away all your plastic bags and replace them with eco-friendly tote bags.
  • Plastic bags pose a great threat to wildlife since many animals eat plastic bags without realizing the harm. This can cause digestive problems or even their death. Furthermore, small animals can even get tangled and trapped by them, causing severe injuries. Sometimes plastic bags also reach rivers or other water sources where they can pose a great threat to marine creatures.
  • Tote bags also help you save more money since you will no longer need to spend on numerous plastic bags every time you go shopping.
  • Another advantage would be the fact that cotton-based bags are ideal for imprinting. This material is highly receptive to ink transfer. Once it is set, the ink will resist flaking or fading. It will even stay put as you wash the bag. Hence, you may imprint a nice quote you love or your favorite logo.

The disadvantages of using eco friendly tote bags

  • One of the main disadvantage when using a tote bag is that they consist of a lot of bacteria. Specialists indicate that a lot of microorganisms can be found in these bags. Therefore, they become pretty unsafe to use.
  • When using eco-friendly cotton-based bags, you should know that they get shrunk when you wash them. Hence, this can lead to a problem after a few washes.
  • If you choose nylon reusable grocery bags, you need to know that nylon is a petroleum-based product, being slow to break down. Therefore, this may make it difficult to dispose of.
  • When it comes to jute grocery bags, a disadvantage in this situation is that this fabric is not moisture-resistant. Hence, it may be difficult for you to carry certain grocery items.
  • Other people use polypropylene reusable grocery bags. This material is a non-renewable source, and it is not biodegradable or compostable.
A tote bag

A tote bag is not only durable, but it is also eco friendly, being easy to wash and reuse.

The difference between plastic bags and tote bags

When buying plastic bags, you only use them for a few minutes when transporting your groceries. However, it will take it more than 400 years to decompose. During that period, they may cause a lot of damage to the environment. Besides polluting the ocean, they can also endanger many species. Nevertheless, when you purchase a tote bag, this can serve on many shopping trips. Numerous tote bags are made from 100% recycled materials.

If you think about the price, plastic bags are more inexpensive than tote bags since you get them for free in many grocery stores or for only a few cents. That is why more and more people tend to use them. Lately, many stores in several countries have banned the use of plastic bags, no longer selling them. On the other hand, purchasing a cloth tote bag pays off after a while since it is so durable.

Going shopping on the weekend and filling your bags with all you need for the next week will make you realize that the plastic bags you use might give way even before you reach the front door. That would be the worst shopping experience, especially if your bags were full of bottles. However, if you choose for a cloth bag, you will no longer have to worry about this. You can easily carry heavy objects in a tote bag due to the durable cotton fabric.

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When purchasing a tote bag…

When you purchase a tote bag, you should consider it having wide straps so you can easily carry it on your shoulder without hurting you. If it has narrow straps and you carry a heavy load, that may get a bit uncomfortable. Make sure it has reinforced seams to support your heavy detergent bottles. Furthermore, the canvas should be sturdy. A small hole in the material could lead to a disaster when you fill the bag with your groceries.

If you choose a tote bag with a flat bottom, this could not help you carry too many items. Furthermore, the flat bottom of your bag will only allow you to carry a few flat items like books, notebooks, but never your laptop or your groceries.

Summing up

We should all give up on using plastic bags and try to protect the environment by using eco-friendly tote bags. Therefore, take the chance to do your part and give Mother Earth a helping hand. Let’s all fight against pollution and use more cotton-based bags instead of plastic ones. We would not only recycle, but we would also protect wildlife from the dangers that plastic poses.

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