Edible Six-Pack Rings are a Step in the Right Direction to Save Marine Life

For decades, people’s trash has made its way into the oceans and has negatively affected the animals that reside there. Sharks and large fish eat aluminum cans and turtles choke on plastic bags that look like jellyfish in the water. Millions of animals have died because of our garbage. One of the most infamous products that kills marine life are plastic six-pack rings. A brewery out of Del Ray, Florida has created edible six-pack rings (E6PR) that are made of biodegradable materials. These rings cut down on waste and help protect millions of animals.

The Negative Effects of Plastic on Marine Life

You might be asking yourself, how do plastic rings hurt the animals in the ocean? First of all, the plastic rings get caught around the necks of numerous animals. Therefore, many animals die before they can remove the plastic. The circular shape will often muzzle seals and sea lions and they will starve because they can’t eat. About 100,000 marine animals and 2 million birds die each year because they become caught in the plastic rings. On average, plastic takes approximately 400 years to decompose completely. Consequently, that leaves a lot of time for animals to get stuck in the material. Altogether, we dump 8 million tons of plastic material into the oceans each year. Plastic six-pack rings are a death sentence when they end up in the ocean, so a biodegradable alternative is necessary.

What are Edible Six-Pack Rings Made Of?

In order for something to be deemed edible, it needs to be made of materials that will digest well within the body. Edible six-pack rings are made of barley and wheat ribbons. These materials are actually waste from the beer making process, waste that would normally be thrown away. By using the barley and wheat ribbons, beer companies are killing two birds with one stone. They are able to recycle their waste into something that is useful and safe for the environment. It’s definitely seems like a win-win for the beer-making industry.

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How can Edible Six-Pack Rings Help Save Marine Life?

The first word of the product is “edible”. Edible, by definition, means that it is able to be eaten and digested by a person or animal. The edible six-pack rings are made out of wheat and barley, which makes it easy for animals to eat it. If these six-pack rings end up in the ocean, any marine animal that comes across it can eat it. Even if the animal becomes caught in the rings, the material can be eaten off before they choke. If an animal accidentally ingests the six-pack rings, they will be able to digest it and won’t have any complications. Also, the edible six-pack rings disintegrate within a few months, which is far sooner than plastic six-pack rings.


In conclusion, plastic six-pack rings have a detrimental effect on marine life when they end up in the oceans. A safe alternative is edible six-pack rings. Edible six-pack rings are safe to digest and are created using waste from the beer-making process. These six-pack rings do more good than harm and could help save marine life in an extreme way. If anything, they are a step in the right direction towards saving marine life and helping the planet.

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