Endangered Mammals: How To Protect Them

​Mammals have walked the planet for about 200 million years. Over time, many of these animals have gone extinct for a variety of reasons. The problem is only getting worse today. There are several endangered mammals that need our help. Here are some animals on the endangered list and what we can do to help keep them around for as long as possible.

What Mammals Are Currently On The Endangered Species List?

Most mammal species survive about 1 million years. However, if we work hard, we can help to keep them around much longer. However, rather than helping, humans are the main reason that about 25% of mammal species are endangered. Here are some of the mammals currently on the endangered species list:

Pygmy Sloth

pygmy sloth eating

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The pygmy sloth is one of the most endangered (and cutest) mammals on the planet. As a relatively new animal, the impact of its loss, while important, is not quite as devastating as some of the other endangered animals on the list in an evolutionary sense. However, it's tragic that an animal that has only been around for about 9000 years can be in danger already. This only predicts problems for other new species


Gorilla sitting at the forest

One of the animals that most closely resembles humans, the gorilla has been on the endangered animal list for quite some time. There are only 900 mountain gorillas left in the entire world.

Sumatran Elephant

sumtran elephant at the zoo

This majestic animal is a great example of what happens when an animal loses its natural habitat. There are only about 2000 of these critically endangered animals left in the entire world.

Javan Rhinos

javan rhinos at the zoo

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Rhinos are often hunted for their horns. This excessive hunting has become so bad that today there are only 60 of these amazing animals left in the world.

What May Be Causing The Threat To Large Endangered Mammals?

We now know that many endangered mammals are in danger of becoming extinct. How exactly does this happen? Here are some of the reasons that endangered mammals, such as mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and giant beavers have gone extinct in the past:

Human Hunting

hunter holding a bow and arrow

Ever since the first humans appeared on this earth, we have hunted animals to provide food, shelter, and clothing for our families. Originally, hunters only hunted as a necessity and used as much of the slain animal as possible. As human culture grew throughout the world, more and more people needed the items we made from animals.

People also began to kill animals for items they wanted and did not need. In many cases, people would also discard the dead animal without using it in its entirety. These days, governments have started to implement laws to protect animals from excessive hunting. Unfortunately, poachers will kill animals for their ivory or other materials despite laws clearing prohibiting this. Hunting has caused many animals to become extinct in the past, and this is still happening today.

Climate Change

dry soil and greeny grass

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Our planet regularly goes through climate change. This natural phenomena has been happening for millennia, and whenever the planet's temperature has changed, many animals find themselves unable to survive in their new conditions. As they tried to travel to a more desirable environment, they fall along the way. When climates grow colder, animals move into the territory of other species, and there may not be enough room for everyone.


human cells in blue and orange

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As explorers traveled the world, they brought with them the languages and culture from their homelands that new lands had never experienced. They also brought new diseases. Native species had not built up an immunity to the new diseases brought by imported animals, plants, and people. While other people could survive the diseases, exposure to unsuspecting humans and animals caused widespread death. This led to certain indigenous cultures dying and certain species becoming instinct. Many scientists believe that disease killed off the mammoths.

How You Can Get Involved With Preserving Endangered Mammal Species

boy carrying a goat

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With all of these animals facing extinction, there has to be something we can do! People around the world must join together so that future generations can live in a world where these animals exist. Here are a couple of ways that you can help:

Don't Buy Products With Parts From Endangered Mammals

​Some people actually seek out medicine, jewelry, or food items made from endangered mammals because of their exotic nature. Condemn this behavior and refuse to work with any retailer that supports these practices for monetary gain. We have a responsibility to protect animals- not support their unnecessary hunting.

​Support Charities/ Politicians

There are several organizations dedicated to the protection of endangered mammals. Support the WWF and similar charities with your money and your time. Consider adopting an animal for yourself or a loved one as a present.

It's also a good idea to support local and national politicians who make an effort to support our environment and animals. These people have the power to support legislation that can make a change.

Educate Yourself

​The more you know, the more you can share with others about endangered mammals and how to help them. You can learn information on the internet and at your local zoo to start. Use this information to make good purchasing decisions.

Stop Tearing Down The Rainforests

​Many of the endangered animals we talked about were forced into their status because of deforestation. When we tear down the forests, these animals no longer have a place to live and eat. They must find a new place to live, and this can so much stress that it kills an animal. Support local forest preserves and national parks. These places keep the area as natural as possible for animals to enjoy.


zookeeper feeding the elephant

Source: pexels.com

We as humans are the strongest species on the planet. While we should be helping other animals, we tend to use our powerful position to injure them instead. Let's make a change together and stand up for endangered mammals all over the world. Start by getting educated and making small changes in your daily life. If we could help one species last longer than we thought, it gives us hope.

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