Every Man Jack Body Scrub Review

When searching for the best natural body wash, you want to find a brand that is dedicated to both you and the environment. This means that they will add natural, sustainably sourced ingredientsto their products so you can have smooth, glowing skin. Natural ingredients not only help heal your skin, but it makes the body wash good for the environment. Does Every Man Jack Body Wash fit in to this category? Luckily, we are going to answer that question and a few more in this article. 

Best Fea​tures

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    Vegan and cruelty free product
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    Smells fresh and clean
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    Great for all skin types

Initial Thoughts

Every Man Jack Body Wash has some minimalist packaging. If you scan the bottle, you will see a green label on the top right that says, “naturally derived.” That sounds like some clever tactic to make them sound like a natural product without actually being a natural product. However, they have a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, and it seems like most people like the product. It smells like citrus and has ingredients that are effective at hydrating skin. But many consumers think that there is one glaring downside to this product for a lot of people who want a truly natural and environmentally friendly product. 


The ingredients in Every Man Jack Body Wash are mostly naturally derived ingredients. At least that is what the label tells you. One of the things they advertise is that their product isn’t going to give you false promises about what their product will do. I want to believe the label because of that promise. Every Man Jack, on their webpage, even claims that one of their goals is to use as many naturally derived ingredients as possible. So let’s go through the major ingredients together and see if they are naturally derived and environmentally friendly. 

Sodium Coco-sulfate

Every effective body wash needs a good surfactant to get all of the grime and unwanted oils off of your skin. Sodium Coco-sulfate is an extremely effective surfactant that will do just that. Many surfactants can irritate and even damage hair and skin cells however. Luckily, Sodium Coco-sulfate has a molecular structure large enough that it cannot penetrate your skin and cause irritation and damage. This will get rid of dirt and grime without irritating your skin. That doesn’t mean that you should go putting it in your hair though. Remember, body wash means it is for your body. 

Jojoba Esters

There are some ingredients that should just be taken out of beauty products. Jojoba derived ingredients are not just really good replacements. They are a fantastic replacement for microbeads because they can help exfoliate your skin while also hydrating the skin and being biodegradable. Jojoba Esters are great in any type of scrub and are extremely safe for all types of skin and environments. However, the next ingredient is where everyone is calling foul.

Acrylates Copolymer

This is the stuff that can be used to make microbeads. I will preface the next statement by saying that I do not know if that is what this ingredient is used for. Acrylates copolymer can be used for a lot of different things. But, it is commonly used for making microbeads. If microbeads are being used in Every Man Jack Body Scrub, it is a real shame. They don’t need them because the body scrub already has Jojoba Esters. Also, microbeads are terrible for the environment. They don’t break down like they should and ed up in the water systems. An accumulation builds up and the seafood we consume consumes them, and then we ingest them. They damage the natural ecosystems they are introduced into. If you want to learn more, you have tons of options because the internet is all up in arms about it. 

Citrus Peel Extract

Every Man Jack Body Scrub also has a couple different orange peel extracts that are used in combinations with citric acid to create the fresh and clean scent of their body scrub. These extracts don’t only make the product smell great, but they are also oils great for cleaning and repelling dirt from your skin. 


This product, aside from the possibility of micro-beads, is extremely natural. I think Every Man Jack has done a great job holding up their end of the promise to always try to use naturally derived ingredients. The product itself seems to work great and smell even better. Some people complain that the smell doesn’t last long enough on their body. However, I think that is ok. Often times if the smell carries too long it can bother others in the general area. The scrub is going to exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling smooth and clean. You also, will never have to worry about this damaging your skin. The real worry is if it will damage the environment. 

The Product

Every Man Jack Body Scrub currently has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, and there are quite a few reviews on it. That is a good sign that your every day consumer really likes the product. The product comes in a 16.9 oz. bottle and costs $5.99. That is a really good price for that much body scrub. 

Other bits of information that you need to know include the fact that this body wash is mostly biodegradable, which makes it great for the environment. This product is also vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Every Man Jack also does not test any of their products on animals.

About This Company

Every Man Jack produces all of their products in the United States. Specifically they have manufacturing plants in California, Minnesota, Vermont, and Texas. When it comes to trying to be a good company, Every Man Jack does a great job. They are completely vegan and they never test their products on animals. Also, all of their bottles are made with at least fifty percent post-consumer recycled plastic. If you want to learn more about the company, you can check out there website here


Though the ingredients are naturally derived, no one would buy this body wash if it did not work, and the reviews state that it does work! Many of the customers that left reviews stated that they either had sensitive skin or struggled with acne, and this body wash did not irritate them and even cleared up their acne! People love the versatility of the product and being able to use this soap on their body and face (because most of the time, you should not use body wash on your face).

This product is entirely cruelty free and vegan. It is very kind to animals. There are also the jojoba esters that are really good for your skin and good for the environment. Almost all of their products are actually naturally derived as well.


Some customers complained of irritated skin and breakouts after using this body wash. It is important to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in this product. This way, you can avoid any irritation. If you do not know if you are allergic, perform a patch test on the back of your hand and wait. If you do not experience any irritation, you can then use it all over your body.

This product also has a chance of containing microbeads along with the jojoba esters. Microbeads are terrible for the environment. Some of the ingredients in this body wash aren’t great for the environment anyways. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Every Man Jack Body Scrub seems to be a product that gets the job done. A lot of people love it and say that it is the only product for them. The labels would have us believe that this product is environmentally safe, but that really depends on if it has microbeads or just jojoba esters. I want to like this product a lot, but my opinion all depends on the microbeads. I like citrus a lot though, and the benefits of the naturally derived ingredients on your skin are fantastic. 

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  • plus
    Smells fresh and clean
  • plus
    Vegan and cruelty free product
  • plus
    Great for all skin types


  • close
    Possible microbeads that will damage the environment 

Every Man Jack Body Scrub Conclusion

There are many ways for you to take care of yourself and the environment, and an eco-friendly body wash is a good place to start. Not only will you feel great and confident in your skin, but you can smell delightfully like citrus. As long as you aren't worried about potential microbeads, you can save a lot of money. The scrub will also exfoliate your skin and leave you feeling clean all day. If you have any opinions on Every Man Jack Body Scrub, let us know with a quick comment!

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Every Man Jack Body Scrub

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    How big is the bottle? It is a 16.9 oz bottle. At $5.99, this is a very friendly product on the wallet too.
  • chevron-circle-right
    Is this an all natural body wash? No. This is a product with naturally derived ingredients but it isn't all natural. It is more natural than not, however. 

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