Everyone 3-in-1 soap, Coconut plus Lemon Review

If you are looking for a new body wash, you are going to want the best natural body wash. The natural variety is the best body wash because it is not only good for your skin, but it is good for the environment as well. Unless you have allergies or use the body wash for a purpose other than the one the manufacturer made it for, it should not irritate your skin. This makes a natural, organic body wash great for all skin types, whether it be dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin. One product that you need to check out is the Everyone 3-in-1 soap, and we will specifically be reviewing the coconut plus lemon body wash.

Best Fea​tures

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    Company transparency
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    USDA certified organic
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    Natural ingredients

Initial Thoughts

One of the immediate positives this organic body wash has going for it is its versatility. You can use the Everyone 3-in-1 soap as a shampoo, body wash, or a bubble bath. (The Dr. Woods body wash we have reviewed acts as a shampoo and body wash, but it does not work well as a bubble bath.) This makes it so you technically only have to buy one product to take care of the majority of your shower needs. There is even more going for this product though, as you can see from its Amazon rating of 4.3 stars.


By far, the best thing about the Everyone 3-in-1 soap is the natural ingredients within it. When looking over the company website, it is evident that this company has worked hard to make their product so beneficial to both their customers and the environment. Everyone chooses only the best ingredients for their 3-in-1 soap, and they are proud of their certifications. Though the FDA has yet to establish regulations for natural products, this company follows the same regulations for organic foods. This body wash is USDA certified organic, GMO-free, free of synthetic fragrances, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

On top of all of that, the Environmental Working Group has given the Everyone 3-in-1 soap the EWG Verified seal. This means that the body wash does not contain any harmful or questionable chemicals. There are only 1,300 products on the market with the EWG Verified seal, and 32 of them come from the Everyone brand. Some of the ingredients that you will not find in this body wash include parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrances, aluminum, propylene glycol, polysorbates, phthalates, and artificial colors and dyes. This company only leaves room for the best ingredients in their products.


When you look at the ingredients label on the Everyone 3-in-1 soap coconut plus lemon bottle, it may not look very natural. This is mostly because they use the scientific names for their ingredients. In order to make their products as transparent as possible, Everyone provides an ingredient glossary so you can see exactly what is in their products. With that being said, let’s look at what ingredients are in this organic body wash.

  • Cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine: This mild surfactant (cleanser) comes from coconut and contributes to the foaming and lathering properties of the body wash.
  • Sodium coco-sulfate: This is a coconut-derived, high foaming, skin conditioning cleanser.
  • Citrus medica limonum peel oil: Also known as lemon essential oil, this ingredient adds a great scent to the body wash. In aromatherapy, it brings feelings of cleanliness and refreshment. In skin care products, it can brighten and tone dull skin.
  • Organic cocos nucifera flavor extract: This is merely coconut flavor extract. It is food-grade, naturally derived, and certified organic. Everyone 3-in-1 soap includes this purely for its tropical scent.
  • Citric acid: You can find this ingredient naturally in citrus fruits, but you can also make it synthetically. This ingredient balances the pH of the soap.
  • Organic aloe barbadensis leaf: You can also call this aloe vera leaf extract. Everyone uses this for their body wash because it moisturizes the skin.
  • Organic camellia sinensis leaf extract: This extract comes from a shrub that people often use to make white tea and green tea. It is in the Everyone 3-in-1 soap because it is full of antioxidants, which is great for skin care.

It is important to note that there are some synthetic ingredients in the Everyone 3-in-1 body wash. This does not mean that the body wash is bad for you because not all synthetic ingredients are bad. In fact, if the company did not include a synthetic preservative to their products, it would spoil not long after you received it.

The Product

The specific bottle of body wash we are reviewing is the Everyone 3-in-1 soap with coconut plus lemon. On their website, you can purchase this natural body wash in either a 16-ounce or 32-ounce 100 percent recycled bottle with a pump. If you want to save money, their 32-ounce bottle is actually cheaper on Amazon. It is $10.99 on eoproducts.com, but it is currently only $9.39 on Amazon. This product also has a 4.3 star rating on Amazon, which shows that several people enjoy this product. Customer reviews love the tropical and beachy scent, as well as how good it lathers for being a natural body wash.

About This Company

The same couple that owns Everything also owns EO, an essential oils company. Together, Susan and Brad combine their love of essential oils with the necessity of natural hygiene products. They started in the early 1990s with a three-gallon stockpot in their garage, just blending essential oils for family and friends. After several years, they figured out how to make a foaming shower gel without using sodium lauryl sulfate. Most companies use sodium lauryl sulfate to create the suds, but many believe this ingredient is harmful in the long run. With this discovery, they realized that they could make natural products that are good for both their customers and the environment.

Since then, Susan and Brad have created and maintained a company with over 100 employees. They do all the formulating, creating, bottling, and shipping in the same facility, which makes it easier to make sure the products are everything they promise them to be. The company also used the opportunity to make their manufacturing facility as eco-friendly as possible. They are a zero-waste facility, meaning that they divert 90 percent of their refuse from landfills. On top of that, they recycle literally tons of cardboard, plastic, metal, and wood material, and even use solar power to run the facility.

If all the other information about this company is not enough to show you that this company is a force for good, they also support and donate to several good causes. They support organizations like GLIDE, the Cashmere Foundation, Marine Mammal Center, and many more. They are open to working with other organizations, they just need to ask!


When it comes to all the positive reviews about the Everyone 3-in-1 soap, there are so many aspects of it that people love. One of the most frequently stated statements is that this natural body wash smells phenomenal. Some people even call it “delicious” and “yummy.” Others say that it perfectly captures the tropical scent that other products have, but they do it without any synthetic fragrances.

Customers also love that this body wash is great for the environment because they use all natural, organic ingredients. More and more people want to move away from harsh chemicals in the products they use every day, including body wash. The Everyone 3-in-1 soap does just as well as other soaps and body washes, but they use all natural ingredients. Their products are USDA certified organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, GMO-free, and EWG verified. They even have a glossary of all their ingredients so you know exactly what is in their body wash.

Not only does the company make eco-friendly products, but they also do everything they can to make the entire process environmentally friendly. They use solar energy, recycle, and use recycled materials for their packaging.


Some people do not like the smell of this natural body wash, but everyone has certain smells that they do not like. Others also do not like the fact that it does not lather as well as other body wash brands. This is because the company does not use the chemical that causes the suds, but it is important to know that the lack of suds does not mean it does not clean.

Final Thoughts:

The Everyone 3-in-1 soap has so many great characteristics, which is why we include in on our list of the best natural body wash brands. The company uses all natural ingredients, which means that this soap does not harm the environment or your skin. They believe in being transparent with customers so they know exactly what they are getting in every bottle. They even make the manufacturing process eco-friendly, using solar power and recycling all their waste. Overall, we recommend this 3-in-1 soap to you.

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    Natural ingredients
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    Company transparency
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    USDA certified organic


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    Does not lather like other body wash brands

Everyone 3-in-1 soap, Coconut plus Lemon Conclusion

If this brand of body wash sounds like it is a good fit for you, we recommend you try it. The Everyone 3-in-1 soap has great ratings, and it is likely that you will like it too. We also have other body wash reviews here at Green and Growing for you to check out. Odds are, you will find the best body wash for you here.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Everyone 3-in-1 soap, Coconut plus Lemon.

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    Is this body wash sulfate-free? It is not sulfate-free, but it is EWG verified. This means that there are not any harmful or questionable chemicals in the product.
  • chevron-circle-right
    Is this body wash made in the US? The process of formulating, creating, bottling, and shipping all happen in the US, but they receive their ingredients from all over the world.

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