Interesting Facts to Know About the 4Ocean Company

If you have not kept up with environmental news over the last couple of years, you may not have noticed the appearance of 4Ocean. Popping up in 2017, they have become a force for good in cleaning our oceans. They have cleaned coastlines and oceans in several different countries and even started a business to create jobs for those in need. In fact, a report this year stated that this company has removed two million pounds of plastic waste from the ocean so far! This company is definitely worth learning about, so here are all the interesting facts you need to know.

How 4Ocean Started

The idea for 4Ocean started when two friends, Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze, took a trip to Bali, Indonesia. Their plan was to enjoy the beautiful beaches there and spend their time surfing. Instead, they were astounded by the amount of plastic waste on the coast and in the water. They asked a lifeguard why no one was doing anything about all the plastic, who responded by saying they had just cleaned the beach that morning. Plastic kept washing ashore as the day went on. They saw fisherman push their boats through the plastic at the beginning of the day, only to return empty-handed when they returned to shore. The plastic in the ocean was harming the environment and the livelihood of the people there. 

It was then that Andrew and Alex knew that they needed to do something about it. They wondered if they could change the fishermen’s mindset to gather plastic instead of fish. They could pay the fishermen by the pound, which was how they received income with fish. This would keep the fishermen from losing their livelihood and help the environment at the same time. With this idea in mind, Andrew and Alex started a business out of Florida to help keep the oceans clean.

Creating the Business and Organizing Cleanups

Since starting their business, they have helped clean the ocean and coast in 27 countries around the world. 4Ocean has expanded internationally and employed people in several countries. With the headquarters in Florida, they have also opened up locations in Indonesia and Haiti. These two additional locations are high-priority locations because of the massive amount of plastic pollution on their beaches and in the surrounding oceans. At each of these locations, everyone operates under the 4 O.C.E.A.N. pillars.

  • O: Optimizing Technology. They use the latest technology to not only remove garbage from the oceans, but they also intercept it before it enters the water.
  • C: Creating Jobs. This company hires captains and crew members that clean the coast and ocean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • EA: Education and Awareness. 4Ocean strives to educate individuals and businesses about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment, especially the ocean. They also host cleanups all over the world, both out of the water and in the water to raise awareness.
  • N: New Global Economies. With their idea of paying employees to remove trash from the ocean, ocean plastic now has value. This creates a new economy.


The US headquarters for 4Ocean is located in Boca Raton, Florida, where the movement all began in January 2017. This is where they pulled their first pound of trash from the ocean. This city also houses the company’s Global Fulfillment Center and their first Cleanup Operations Facility.


It was only fitting for 4Ocean to open a facility in Bali, Indonesia because this is where Andrew and Alex first received their inspiration for the company. Bali is also where the company’s international headquarters resides. This country has beautiful beaches that people dream of visiting in their lifetimes, but the beaches are also choking under a heaping amount of plastic pollution. Not only does the company employ locals to clean up the garbage, but they also educate the surrounding communities to help reduce the plastic problem in the first place.


The 4Ocean location in Port-au-Prince, Haiti is the most recent one to date and is now where their Cleanup Division is headquartered. The company currently employs 31 people, but that number is expected to rise to over 100 soon. They currently have four vessels, manned by a captain and at least two other crew members. Currently, their goal is to remove 3,000 pounds of plastic from the coast and surrounding ocean every single day. Their main area of focus is at river mouths so they can intercept the plastic before it enters the ocean. They also currently work with a local recycling facility in Haiti so they can recycle as much of the waste as possible.

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4Ocean Products

In order to keep the business running, 4Ocean offers their own products to fund their mission. Currently, they offer limited edition bracelets every month, as well as reusable water bottles and bags year round. Each product inspires people to live sustainably and fight the growing plastic pollution problem. In fact, the purchase of each item is guaranteed to remove at least one pound of plastic from the ocean.

Limited Edition Bracelets

Every month, 4Ocean creates a new bracelet that not only removes a pound of plastic from the ocean but funds other programs that protect the environment. Here are the organizations they have partnered with in the past year:

  • Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project 
  • Birdlife International
  • Save the Manatee
  • Coral Restoration Foundation
  • Conservation International
  • Project Aware
  • Florida Atlantic University Marine Research Lab
  • Earth Day Network
  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation
  • Carbonfund
  • SeaLegacy

This month, 4Ocean has partnered with the Marine Mammal Center in the effort to save the Hawaiian Monk seals. They are one of the world’s most endangered marine mammals and are commonly entangled in plastic debris. They are also losing their habitat, so a portion of your purchase goes to the conservation of these seals. On top of their limited edition bracelets, there is also the 4Ocean bracelet that the company offers year-round. Each bracelet contains only post consumer recycled materials and is 100 percent recyclable. The company offers a one year warranty on every bracelet, so you can get a new one if it breaks. Employees in Bali create each bracelet, so you are also creating jobs for people!

Reusable Water Bottles

The 4Ocean reusable water bottles are double-walled and vacuum-sealed stainless steel to insulate your cold and hot drinks. It has a rubberized seal to keep your drink from spilling and a sustainably-sourced bamboo top. It even comes with a stainless steel handle to make carrying it around easier. This water bottle holds just over 25 fluid ounces and comes in both blue and white. This purchase not only helps remove a pound of plastic from the ocean, but it also helps people to cut down the use of disposable cups and water bottles.

Multi-Purpose Bags

Lastly, 4Ocean also offers a reusable, multipurpose bag that you can use as a beach tote or gather trash at your local beach. If you want to use it to gather trash, you can also get a pair of gloves with your bag. They make the bag with 100 percent recycled materials, and they make the gloves with 13 gauge nylon liner and nitrile coating on the palms. With these in hand, you can help make a difference in your local community as well as fund this amazing program that cleans other beaches.


When it comes down to it, 4Ocean has a spectacular business that helps others to make money when they clean up plastic waste on beaches and in the oceans. It all stemmed from two friends who wanted to enjoy a beautiful beach but became distracted by all the trash around them. This led to a flourishing company that employs over 100 people who are committed to preserving the oceans and its wildlife. If you would like to support them yourself, you can purchase any of their merchandise. Each item funds the company to remove another pound of waste from the ocean. They ship all over the world, so anyone can participate!

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