The First Fully Recycled Road Has Been Completed in France

The world is making great strides to help the environment. There are committees in each country dedicated to helping you and the environment. The environment affects us all. If the environment is doing poorly, then your health is suffering. There are a lot of ways that we are improving the environment. We reduce our waste, recycle objects, and reuse old materials. However, there is a lot of ways that the environment is still being effected by the way the world works. A construction company in France has done something monumental to helping the environment. They have created the world’s first fully recycled road. This will change the way that roads are formed throughout the world.

The World's First Fully Recycled Road

It’s true. A French construction company called Vinci created the first fully recycled road. It’s 1 kilometer long and is part of a motorway. It lies between Pons and Saint Aubin on the A10 motorway. Pons and Saint Aubin are in the southwestern part of France. The road is made out of other roads that aren’t used anymore. An asphalt plant reprocessed the materials in a mobile factory. Therefore, the materials were recycled onsite. Basically, they cut out the middle man and could walk the materials to the road. The road feels the same as a new, regularly produced road. Amazingly, this is the first road that is made completely out of recycled materials.

How It All Got Started

France isn’t the first country to use recycled materials to help their roads. However, they were the first to make a permanent road out of recycled materials. India used plastic materials to fill in potholes on their roads. This kick started the idea that roads could be made from recycled materials. Overall, it took 2 years of research and development for the road to be made.  

What Normally Happens to Old Asphalt?

When asphalt is thrown out, there are way to reuse it. Most of the time, the asphalt is used for other paving jobs. It can make temporary streets on construction sites, or make pavement. However, asphalt hasn’t been used to make a new, permanent road before. Also, asphalt may sometimes be thrown away and put into landfills. However, there are asphalt recycling centers. They aren’t everywhere, but you can search for one near your home or business.  

The Impact a Fully Recycled Road Has on the Environment

There are two main reasons that France’s fully recycled road helps the environment. First, there isn’t any waste from building the road. The road is already made out of recycled asphalt. Therefore, there isn’t new asphalt to be wasted. Second, the asphalt plant was on site. This eliminated the need to drive the asphalt to the site. Therefore, it reduced Vinci’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. If other construction companies follow the example set by Vinci, then their negative effect on the air and environment will decrease. Overall, this fully recycled road helped limit waste and greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.


In conclusion, France’s fully recycled road is a first step towards construction companies helping the environment. The road didn’t feel any different than a new road made of new asphalt. It would be a waste if construction companies didn’t at least try to make fully recycled roads. If it can help the environment, then I think it should be a priority!     

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