Food Storage Buckets: The Benefits of Having a Bulk Food Storage Supply

For many people, food storage is a dream and a goal that never comes to fruition. It is an environmentally friendly, healthy, and frugal way of life, not to mention it helps you to be prepared in an emergency. It can be overwhelming at first glance, but it actually is not that difficult to get started. Food storage only takes a little at a time to build it up, and there are several benefits that come with it.

The Benefits of Bulk Food Storage

When some think of food storage, they think of bland, boring, dehydrated meals, but it is so much more than that. Yes, you will need your essentials, like flour, grains, and oats. You can also stock up on items to make your family’s favorite meals.

You can get the pre-packaged items at the store, or you can use bulk foods. Bulk foods are the places where you can use either a bag or a container of your own and buy as little or as much as you need. Bulk foods are a great choice, and these are the reasons why.

Environmentally Friendly

Bulk foods eliminate the packaging that comes with the pre-packaged food at the store. You no longer have to worry about immediately tossing plastic and cardboard just to fill your pantry. Some facilities will recycle the packaging, but this still needs resources. You can avoid wasting energy and resources as you build up your food storage.

Bulk foods also do not need to be refrigerated or put in the freezer. This will save you the money and energy you would need to keep a freezer running.

Less Wasteful

Bulk foods allow you to take as little or as much as you need. If you have a recipe that calls for three teaspoons of a spice, you can buy three teaspoons of it. Buying a container at the store has a lot more than you need, and odds are it will sit in the cabinets for months without use. Instead of buying more that you may throw out later, you can buy exactly what you need and eliminate food waste.

Healthier and Fresher

Bulk food stores are healthier and fresher than their grocery store counterparts. Grocery store food has to have a longer shelf life, whereas bulk food stores with a high turnover are constantly replenishing their stock. They do not have all the preservatives of processed foods and are ready for you to process at home.

Less Money

One of the appeals of using items at bulk food stores for food storage is its frugality. Bulk foods cost less money because you do not have to pay for all the packaging. You also are not paying for a brand name, which makes certain products much more expensive. Bulk food stores give you the quality you want without the hiked up price because a popular company packaged it.


You can use food storage for your meals each week, but you can also use it to prepare for an emergency. That emergency could be as frightening as a natural disaster or as simple as a hike in certain food prices. Food storage can feed your family if you lose your source of income—which helps you focus on the bills and not food. Essentially, it helps prepare you for when you cannot buy food but still need to survive.

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How to Store Your Food Storage Buckets

Buying the food is not enough to build a proper food storage stash. You have to store them properly so they do not spoil before you get the chance to use it. These are just a handful of tips to remember when storing your food.

Cool, Dry Place

Back in the day, homes had cellars meant for storing food to help them last longer. Many of us no longer have those anymore, but we do have air conditioning in our homes. This keeps the pantry pretty cool, making it a great place to store food. If your pantry is in close proximity to any appliances, you may need to find a different place for your food storage because those appliances can generate too much heat. Other cabinets and closets will work just fine.

Limit Light Exposure

Another characteristic of pantries and cabinets is that they block out the light. Light can make spices lose their potency, and no one wants to use spices that cannot spice up their food. It can also cause other foods to spoil. If you are storing a lot of food on open shelves, keep them in the basement where the light will be limited, and they will stay cool.

Limit Use

If you want your food storage to last a while, you cannot be constantly opening the containers of food. The constant exposure to the air will make them stale or spoil faster. If you are storing pasta, keep a larger container in your food storage and a smaller one in the kitchen for more frequent use.

Use the Right Containers

To make your food storage last as long as possible, you need the right containers. They need to be airtight, spill proof, and easy to store. If you use plastic containers, make sure they are BPA-free to prevent chemicals from leaching into your food. Airtight and spill-proof containers keep your food storage where it needs to be and keep it safe from the outside air. Technically, the containers do not need to be easy to store, but it will save you time and effort if they fit easily on shelves and stack well.

Some people use glass, some use plastic, and for larger storage, some use buckets.

Containers to Try

Green and Growing has reviews already here to help you decide which food storage containers will work best for you. Check out our top 10 food storage containers to see which ones we recommend.


Proper food storage takes time to build up, but we hope you feel more at ease and inspired to get started. There are so many benefits of using bulk foods available to you that are convincing themselves. It can save you money, cut back on garbage and food waste, and help the environment. It can help you be healthier and prepare for whatever comes in the future as well! Just remember to store them properly and rotate through them to eliminate any potential food waste.

Image Source: Pixabay

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