Fruit, Is Too Much Too Much?

Fruit. We have all experienced the joy a bowl of fresh, mixed fruit can bring after a long day of swimming in the summer heat. It’s refreshing, hydrating, and a sweet treat! If you ask any health professional, or anyone who took a health class in Middle School, what food items your diet should include they will immediately proclaim “fruits and vegetables!” There is evidence to support their exclamation, however, nothing in life is intended to be over-consumed and fruit is no different.

A Weight Loss Road Block

Too much of anything will prevent someone from losing weight, and even cause them to gain more weight. That is not new information, in fact, it’s probably considered common sense. But still, some people may be more comfortable eating a tin of strawberries than a bag of chocolate because it makes them feel “healthier” or “less guilty”. Here are some reasons why eating too much fruit may be a weight loss road block you hadn’t anticipated.


People see fruit as a healthy food, which it generally is, so they eat more of it. Fruit has three times the amount of calories per serving than vegetables do, which is better than chips and candy, but may be too much for a balanced diet, which is what healthy eating is all about. Health professionals recommend eating a maximum of three servings of fruit per day at the appropriate serving size which can vary based on the type of fruit being eaten. It is also recommended to eat fresh or frozen fruit as opposed to canned or cupped, because typically, fresh or frozen fruit contains less sugar and is less processed. 

Blood Sugar

Fruit has carbohydrates and consuming too many carbohydrates raises blood sugar, thus, making a person feel hungry. The body’s main job is to fix what is wrong or askew, so in the case of hunger, the quick fix is a trip to the snack cupboard.


It doesn’t satisfy snack cravings for long because fruit doesn’t have any protein or fat to appease our stomachs for extended amounts of time.


Fruits contain high amounts of a sugar called fructose, which human bodies are not meant to break down large amounts of. When the body cannot break down the substances being consumed, it packs it away, like old little league medals and trophies, on the closest shelf it can find, the belly.

Fruit Is Still Great for You!

Despite the bloating and the snacking, fruit is one of the better things you can put into your body and eating appropriate amounts of it can have some seriously beneficial results! Fruit has less fat, sodium, and calories than most other foods and has little to no cholesterol! It can be a great source of essential nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin C and potassium, not to mention, fruit is incredibly tasty and has a variety of flavors that fits everyone’s taste!


In conclusion, fruit is a good thing to have in your diet, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. Just like brushing your teeth too often can lead to gum disease, consuming too much fruit daily can prevent someone from losing weight. When consumed in appropriate amounts and with a variety of other healthy foods, fruit is an essential component in a balanced diet. Like Goldilocks, the intake needs to be just right.   

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