Top 5 Garage Door Insulation Kit Choices: Choose The Right One

The garage is one of the least energy-efficient areas in most homes. Most garage doors are made of steel, aluminum or wood and, unfortunately, they are by default uninsulated. Therefore, if you have a double garage door (7 ft. x 16 ft), you end up with more than 100 sq. ft. of uninsulated space. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the best garage door insulation kit options and offer you a list of such kits.

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Getting familiar with garage door insulation

By now, you are probably aware that your uninsulated garage door is a vulnerable spot that allows heat transfer. Heat escapes during winter and it seeps in during the summer whether you have a single or double car garage. This is where a garage door insulation kit would come in handy.

Many homeowners spend a lot of time in their garage. Whether it is for automotive tinkering, woodworking, or lifting weights, they prefer the garage to be more comfortable. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest in a garage door insulation kit. Even if you don’t spend a large amount of time in the garage, you still don’t want heat escaping through the garage door. This would create a large expense every month that is easily fixed with a garage door insulation kit.

Unlike what many people think, it’s not enough to open the garage door and to turn on the fan. It might be a useful temporary solution for ventilation during summer, but it will not stop the heat from coming in. The only way to successfully fix this common problem is to install an insulation kit. There is a reason that the walls of your house are insulated, and that is because it works.

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Benefits of garage door insulation

You should be interested in insulating your garage door for many more reasons than just a comfortable temperature all year round. Admittedly, that is a good reason by itself, but a good insulation will also help reduce energy bills. You will end up paying less in the summer to keep the garage cooled down, and less in winter to warm it up. Would you leave your front door open all day and night during the winter? Why not? It’s because of your heating bill. We do everything we can to reduce our electric bill like turning off lights, unplugging lights or even hanging our laundry.

At the same time, a garage door insulation kit will help you turn your garage door into a buffer against street noise. This is especially useful if you live in a crowded area or next to a traffic intersection. Insulation stops more than just hot and cold air. It can do wonders for noise pollution. If you live out in the middle of nowhere then this may not be a problem but many who live in populated areas don’t like hearing traffic. When you use the garage as a place to relax, work, or just hang out, external noises are typically unwanted. Insulation can fix that.

You might be happy to find out that if your garage door isn’t currently insulated, you can actually insulate it yourself. Installing a garage door insulation kit is quite easy and can be done rather fast.

Types of Garage Door Insulation Kits

Traditionally, people use one of these three types of garage door insulations: batt insulation, panel insulation, and reflective foil insulation. However, if you want a job well done, the best way to insulate your garage door is to use a suitable garage door insulation kit. These kits allow to do the job yourself and to make sure it is done correctly. You could buy a few supplies and try to fix the heat loss problem yourself, but the best way to help your electric bill is to get a garage door insulation kit.

Check the list of garage door insulation kit options below and get comfortable as you work in your insulated garage.

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Cellofoam North America Garage Door Insulation Kit

This insulation kit, made with modified expanded polystyrene, is great for long-term performance. Cellofoam North America Inc swears by the rigid, foam plastic compiled of resilient closed cells. Some of the most important benefits of this garage door insulation kit are the inherent water resistance, permanent R-value, dimensional stability and excellent physical strength.

Not only will your garage and workshop be more attractive and much quieter, but Cellofoam garage door panels will also reduce your monthly energy waste.

Important features:

  • Core R-value approx. 4.75 per panel
  • Kerfing for easy and fast installation
  • High-impact polystyrene (HIPS) laminate facer
  • Easy-to-follow DIY instruction booklet
  • Washable for easy maintenance
  • Kit covers one standard 9 ft. wide garage door

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Innovative Energy Garage Door Insulation Kit

This kit includes two layers of polyethylene bubble film surrounded by two layers of metalized film. Unlike traditional cellulose or fiberglass insulation – which absorbs heat – this highly reflective film blocks 94% of radiant heat. When heat is absorbed, it is just a matter of time before the transfer takes place.

Innovative Energy’s garage door insulation kit is especially energy-efficient and rates well in terms of thermal performance. As a result, the heating bills are lower and the interior spaces more comfortable. Helps reduce noise and it’s easy to install. The all-in-one kit contains everything you will need for the setup.

Important features:

  • Two options: Reflective on the interior or on the exterior
  • Complete kit includes: Insulation, tape measure, double-sided tape, alcohol cleaning pads, knife
  • Core thermal performance of R-6+
  • Easy to install in less than 60 minutes

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Owens-Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit

Your garage’s comfort can be significantly improved with this insulation kit. It includes eight durable R-8 fiberglass insulation panels featuring a washable white vinyl facer. Unlike other similar products on the market, this kit comes with a unique fastening system that allows easier installation via the secure method to hold the panels in place. One kit is enough to insulate a single car garage door (9ft wide).

Important features:

  • Designed for metal garage doors; fits perfectly into the door’s channel
  • Increases thermal performance
  • 20% reduction in noise level
  • Doesn’t include a tape measure, utility knife, and marker
  • Made of flexible material that resists denting
  • Vinyl surface must be washed with mild detergent

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ADO Products Single Garage Door Insulation Kit


This durable garage door insulation kit offers great thermal performance. It keeps the hot air inside during winter and cool air inside during summer. It saves you money on the energy bill and acts as a sound barrier for a quiet environment.

Important features:

  • R-8 thermal performance value
  • Durable insulation thanks to the rugged metal pin installation system
  • Highly-efficient kit
  • Easy to clean
  • White facing will brighten the garage
  • It reduces outside noise

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Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit

With the Matador garage door insulation kit, you can turn your garage into a more attractive, highly energy-efficient space. You won’t have to lock out your garage due to the extreme summer heat or winter cold.

Important features:

  • It turns your garage into a comfy workshop or exercise area
  • Doesn’t require special tools for installation
  • The kit includes 7 boards for a 7-foot garage door
  • Easily washable surface
  • Bright white design for a finished look
  • Available in Large and Extra Large sizes

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Choosing the best garage door insulation kit is not easy. There are so many options on the market. However, we hope that we were able to narrow down your search to some of the best out there. Keep in mind that whatever you choose, you must make sure the insulation is installed properly.

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