Greta Thunberg Gets A Little Help With An Electric Car From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Swedish teenager and climate change activist Greta Thunberg arrived in the United States by sailing across the Atlantic in a zero-carbon boat. Now she is trying to travel around the country leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible. And she just got a little help from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Earlier this week, Thunberg made waves at the United Nations when she gave world leaders a tongue-lashing for failing to take immediate actions to confront the climate crisis that threatens every creature on the planet and will rob younger generations of a bright future.

“I shouldn’t be up here,” Thunberg said at the Climate Action Summit. “I should be back at school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. You say you hear us and that you understand the urgency, but no matter how sad and angry I am I do not want to believe that because if you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil, and that I refuse to believe. You are failing us but young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you and if you choose to fail us, I say we will never forgive you.”

Her powerful remarks have drawn high praise around the globe and have inspired more people to call for change.

In fact, Thunberg is such an inspiring individual that even Schwarzenegger, a Hollywood action hero who played such iconic roles like the “Terminator”, was “starstruck” when he met her in person this past May in Vienna.

Clearly, Schwarzenegger is still inspired by Thunberg because to aid her in her effort to spread the word about climate change, he sent her an electric car she could use during her trip. The Tesla Model 3 is a battery powered vehicle that has a range of 220 to 325 miles per 12-hour battery charge.

That will certainly help the 16-year-old get where she needs to go, her next stop being a climate rally in Montreal, Canada.

And she will likely inspire further momentum there just like she did in New York at the United Nations because climate scientists are already witnessing a positive impact.

“Speaking as a climate change scientist who has been working on this issue for 20 years and saying the same thing for 20 years, she is getting people to listen, which we have failed to do,” International Centre for Climate Change & Development director Saleemul Huq told NBC News. “I thought it was the most powerful speech I’ve ever seen.”

Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy co-director Sally Benson agrees.

“She has been a catalytic leader,” Benson said. “We’re seeing more grassroots action, and she’s creating a movement where young people are pushing communities, cities, states and corporations and saying, ‘we’re not going to wait.’”

And cost is not an excuse for inaction, as Thunberg has pointed out because the United States spent hundreds of billions to bail out the banks in 2008 and has spent trillions on war since 2003. If we can spend money on those things, we can certainly spend money to save the planet.

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