GrowIt App Helps Local Communities Bond Over Plants

Every area in the world grows different plants better than others. Weather, soil type, and other plants all factor into whether a specific plant will grow in a certain area. It is easy to feel alone as you research online and check the information card at a plant nursery, but it does not have to be that way. Mason Day and Seth Reed, the founders of the GrowIt app, provide a way for anyone to ask questions and share information about their plants. There are several features and great things about this app.

The Purpose of GrowIt

Day and Reed created the GrowIt app to bring together plant-growers and inspire others. Growers help others to find joy in cultivating plant life in a social community that shows the projects and information those in their area are showing.

It has a similar layout to other social media sites. People in your community take pictures and ask questions, which are then open for others to comment on and give advice. This is a great way for plant experts to share their experience and novices to find a place where others are more than happy to help.

Features on the App

There are six main features on the GrowIt app: share, explore and search, receive information, organize projects, identify plants, and receive rewards. We will briefly go over each one so you know exactly what the app can do for you.

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The share feature of the GrowIt app allows you to take pictures and share the plants you love to grow in the area. You can also share your least favorite ones to let others know to avoid them. This will help others know what grows well and what does not—or which ones need more attention and care than others!

Explore and Search

This feature lets you see what others are growing and sharing with the community. You will be able to see what others say grow well in your area and which ones do not. You can also search for plants that others have that meet your needs and experience level.

Receive Information

Once you find a plant that you like, you can tap the information tab. GrowIt has detailed information on thousands of plants so you know what it needs to thrive. It has a general overview, how much watering is needed, the type of soil required, and how often to fertilize.

Organize Projects

The app gives you a great place to organize all your projects and attach your favorite plants to them. It also helps you make a wish list so you know what to purchase the next time you make a trip to your local garden center.

Identify Plants

If there is an unidentifiable plant in your yard or garden, the community on GrowIt can help! Take a picture and choose the option for others to help identify it. It will show up on the feed of the other plant-lovers in your area. If they know what it is, they can tell you.

Receive Rewards

You receive rewards the more you share on the app. You can also become an ambassador by inviting others to join the GrowIt community. Ambassadors can receive gift cards and plants as a reward!


GrowIt is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play, so anyone can enjoy sharing their plants with the community. Seasoned veterans that are experts at growing plants can help others expand their knowledge and skills. Give the app a try and have fun with it! There are so many benefits of growing plants at home.

Image Source: Pixabay

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