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Choosing the best toothpaste brands for you can be a bit challenging. While most people do not really think twice about their toothpaste, certain brands are actually better or healthier than others. It begins to be even more of an issue if you start to have a bad reaction to a certain brand of toothpaste. Then the hunt is truly on. For example, I am prone to canker sores in my mouth, and I found that whatever is inside Crest toothpaste, and now Colgate, makes that situation 10x worse. That ingredient is SLS, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. So obviously, I began the hunt for toothpaste brands that did not use that. However, there is more to the best toothpaste brands than just ingredients. Its effectiveness is also a huge issue and even certain features the toothpaste brands may have like whitening, cavity protection, total care, etc. Luckily for you, This article is here to help you choose the best toothpaste brands for you. 

Consider the Ingredients

So, obviously there are a lot of controversy with many ingredients in toothpaste nowadays. The biggest of them being fluoride. However, many of these ingredients are stigmatized by erroneous science. Using fluoride as an example again, as soon as something it posted online, people tend to take it as fact. There are various rumors about the effects of fluoride. Many "studies" have been done about the negative effects of fluoride which have since been disproven. Nearly all of the rumors about fluoride have no base or factual evidence. Some of these rumors include that fluoride causes Alzheimer's disease, Down syndrome, heart disease, or a lower IQ. All of these are completely false. If you have a low IQ, it is not because of the fluoride in your toothpaste.

However, this does not mean that fluoride is 100% safe. If you ingest enough of the stuff, it can be toxic. But when was the last time you accidentally swallowed an entire tube of toothpaste? The only real risk is with very small children who want to eat everything. But here again, there are ingredients in the toothpaste to make you want to spit it out. So even that situation is pretty unlikely. As for the advantages of fluoride, there are quite a few and are the reasons why it is used in toothpaste, even for small children. For instance, it prevents tooth decay and cavities, it can attract other minerals like calcium in the mouth which is great for bone growth, and a few others. 

Now, this does not mean that every ingredient in toothpaste is misrepresented by false science. In fact, there are quite a few ingredients that you may want to avoid. Some of these are SLS, Propylene Glycol, and Carrageenan. We have covered a lot of these ingredients in our Best Natural Toothpaste buyers guide. There are also a number of great natural ingredients to choose from as well. 

Basically, you want to look for ingredients that are healthy for you. It is also important to know if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, as a bad reaction is definitely something you want to avoid. If you are unsure about your allergies, it is best to consult with your dentist or doctor before choosing from the many toothpaste brands. 

Types of Toothpaste

There are a ton of different types of toothpaste, and none of them are exactly exclusive to any of the toothpaste brands. In fact, many of the toothpaste brands feature the same variations of toothpaste. These could be toothpastes that focus on whitening, cavity protection, and many more. Let's run down the many different types of toothpaste there are. 

Whitening toothpaste is a bit misleading. These actually do not whiten your teeth, rather they use ingredients to help remove stains on your teeth. These stains could be from coffee or wine, or many other foods. If you struggle with yellow stains on your teeth, whitening is definitely what you are looking for. 

Natural Toothpaste is toothpaste that uses natural ingredients to do the same stuff that regular toothpaste does. So it may contain aloe vera, neem leaf, and a whole lot more. The only issue is that natural toothpaste brands tend to have varied results.  

Desensitizing toothpaste is a great idea if you suffer from sensitive teeth. This can happen from weakened enamel or receding gums. This toothpaste will create a barrier over your teeth and block irritants from reaching your teeth. There is also toothpaste made for sensitive teeth, which is just softer toothpaste that does not contain any harsh abrasives. 

Fluoride toothpaste is a biggie. There are many that are fluoride free and use a number of natural ingredients to make up for the lack of fluoride. But honestly, there is no great replacement for fluoride. This stuff will prevent cavities, strengthen enamel, and a whole lot more. 

There are many other types like gum health toothpaste, for smokers, children's toothpaste, baking soda, gels, toothpowders. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages but the 4 I mentioned first are the biggest. Of course, you can also grab a total care toothpaste that usually features all of that stuff in one. It prevents cavities, tar tar, sometimes it is sensitive, and a lot more. 

Natural or Not

Surprisingly it is much more difficult to tell if a toothpaste brand is natural or not. However, there are some things that you can look for that will definitely tell you one or the other. The best way of doing this is looking at the ingredients. In my experience, if an ingredient is nearly impossible to pronounce, 9/10 it is not natural. If you spot any chemicals, artificial additives like flavors, colors, or otherwise, or SLS, it is probably not a natural toothpaste. However, there are many toothpaste brands that will say that they are natural and may even contain natural ingredients, but then they also contain artificial flavors or colors, or SLS, or something else that totally kills the entire natural idea they are going for. 

If you are looking at a brand and truly have no idea, it is best to do a quick google search. Odds are, someone out there has done a review of that particular brand and dug up all of the stuff about it. Another great idea is to check out the toothpaste company's website. There you can usually find a list of their ingredients, an about us section, you can find out a good amount of information from their website. 

Natural toothpastes are great, but you have to be sure that there is nothing inside the tube that you are allergic or sensitive to. Baking soda is a big one that can negatively affect many people. So when it comes to truly natural toothpaste, it is definitely best to research it before you buy it. 

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Top 10 Best Toothpaste Brands

Who knows how many types of toothpaste there are in this world. What we do know is which brands are great and which ones are not. Now, whether or not I particularly like the brand does not matter. So without further adieu, here is the top 10 toothpaste brands list, natural or otherwise. 

Crest Toothpaste

Number 10 is Crest. Now while they are the most popular toothpaste brand in the US, they do use SLS in all of their toothpastes. For that reason, they are in 10th place. However, their toothpaste does work in terms of whitening and cleaning.

Colgate Toothpaste

Number 9, owned by the same company as Crest is Colgate. They also use SLS, but I have found them to be less harsh than Crest. Also Colgate just feels better than Crest in my opinion. Think of Colgate as a grown-up Crest. 

Hello Fluoride Free Children's Toothpaste

In 8th, we have Hello Fluoride Free children's toothpaste. This is a great natural toothpaste, one that we have actually reviewed here. It has a great taste, high quality ingredients, and no chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Marvis Amaerlli Licorice Toothpaste

For number 7, we have a rather unique pick. Marvis Amarelli Licorice Toothpaste, is as the name says, a licorice flavored toothpaste. Here they have gone a different path than the standard mint and the fan favorite cinnamon flavors. Now of course, licorice is a very acquired taste that is definitely not for everyone. You either love it, or you don't. 

Listerine Essential Care Toothpaste

If great smelling breath is on your top priority list, then number 6 is for you. Listerine Essential Care is the popular mouthwash brand's take on toothpaste. It is clinically proven to reduce plaque, gingivitis, and of course bad breath.

Uncle Harry's Alkalizing Toothpaste

Here is an interesting pick, at number 5 we have Uncle Harry's Alkalizing Toothpaste. This is a different kind of toothpaste, made in a clay style. It has some great hygienic benefits like remineralizing tooth enamel and strengthing your teeth. 

Tom's of Maine Toothpaste

One of my personal favorites is at number 4. That is Tom's of Maine. This is a natural toothpaste brand that is absolutely wonderful. It is made from all natural ingredients, organic, gluten free, cruelty free, and has a bunch of other certifications. Plus it really does work.

Arm and Hammer Toothpaste

At number 3 we have a seriously powerful toothpaste, Arm and Hammer toothpaste. Made with baking soda, this stuff plays no games. It is strong, powerful, and get the job done quickly. However, just be sure that you are not sensitive or allergic to baking soda before using this. May be an issue if you are. 

Livionex LIVFRESH Dental Gel

At number 2, we have Livionex LIVFRESH Dental Gel. This unique toothpaste has been proven to clean teeth twice as effectively as the leading toothpaste brands. The formula works at a molecular level to remove and repel plaque from the teeth's surface. However, it can be pricey.

Sensodyne Toothpaste

But at number 1, we have a both affordable and effective toothpaste brand. Sensodyne. Not only is it totally safe for sensitive teeth, it is pretty powerful and good at its job. It uses potassium nitrate as its main ingredient and does the same stuff as your typical toothpastes, only without any harsh chemicals or additives. 

Final Thoughts:

While the amount of toothpaste brands out there may seems a bit daunting, it also means that you can quite possibly find the perfect one for you. Now if you are a hipster and are trying to find the newest toothpaste ever, just be sure it is FDA approved. If it is not, that is a huge red flag. Besides that, just think of what you really are looking for. Talk with your dentist and see what they have to say and what they recommend. They know your mouth even better than you do. 

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Toothpaste is something that everyone uses every single day. But it definitely warrants a second look. The ingredients in some toothpaste brands can be pretty bad for you. You should only be using products that benefit your body (I say as a chow down on a candy bar). But in all seriousness, take a look at what is inside the stuff you buy and do your research. May find you end up feeling better than you did. 

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