Hu Dark Chocolate Bars Review

Ask anyone what their favorite sweet treat is and you have a pretty good chance of getting chocolate as your answer. It's used in a ton of desserts and just as a little snack through the day. We put it on our cakes, our fruit, we even make different figures and shapes out of it for fun. There are many different varieties of chocolate out there from milk chocolate to white to dark. Today we will be reviewing one of the dark varieties which is known for a more bitter taste than it's milk and white chocolate counterparts. If you are looking for a new treat that is made from clean ingredients and is vegan then Hu Dark Chocolate Bars might be for you. Hopefully by the end of this review you will know for yourself if Hu chocolate is your new guilty pleasure. 

Best Fea​tures

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    Vegan product
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    Salty chocolate
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    Refined sugar free

Initial Thoughts

Anytime chocolate is in the title it will catch my attention. I have a huge sweet tooth and I eat more chocolate than I probably should. When I first saw Hu Dark Chocolate I was impressed. Right on the packaging it tells you that this chocolate is organic and vegan with in house ground cacao beans. The only thing that put me off was the price which was a little high. Let's take a look at what makes up this dark chocolate. 


When it comes to ingredients Hu Dark Chocolate uses in their chocolate it is about as simple as it gets. There are only four ingredients used in total! The company takes very seriously getting back to using the simplest and most healthy ingredients that they can get. Let's take a look at what goes into the chocolate.

Organic Fair-Trade Cacao

As it says in the name Hu has used a completely organic cacao bean. This makes sure that their ingredients do not use any GMO's or hormones giving you the cleanest ingredients possible. Along with being organic Hu also will only use fair-trade beans as well. I had heard of fair trade in the past but wasn't quite sure what it exactly meant. As I looked into it more I was impressed that this organization was being ethical in their purchases. Fair-trade is making sure that people, the producers, are not being forgotten and receiving the compensation needed support themselves and their families. 

Sea Salt

Using sea salt in chocolate gives it a savory flavor to go along with the sweet or bittersweet in this case. Hu uses premium French sea salt, making sure that they use high quality to give you the most flavorful experience possible. Many believe that sea salt is much healthier than regular table salt, this is not necessarily true. There really aren't any health benefits from sea salt that you wouldn't get from table salt however, sea salt is not processed. This means that depending on the source of salt water it is derived from you may get other trace elements and minerals. However there are often chemicals added to table salt that in the long run could have an effect on your body.


Hu Dark Chocolate is quickly becoming one of the most popular chocolates bought on Amazon. It is an organic, vegan, and paleo product. Most know what organic means, something that was produced without any artificial agents. Paleo is a somewhat newer term however. Paleo is a newer style of diet that only uses real foods that would have been eaten by our ancestors before the advent of agriculture. This dark chocolate falls into that definition in that all the ingredients used are paleo compliant. As far as chocolate goes this one of the healthiest chocolates you'll ever eat.

Another great thing about this chocolate is that it comes with so many different accent flavors. There are 13 different options when buying Hu chocolate. Some of these different kinds are cashew butter and vanilla bean, almond butter and puffed quinoa, hazelnut butter, and vanilla quinoa qrispy among others. All of these are dark chocolates. 

The Product

With the Amazon's Choice badge, Hu dark chocolate has been identified as a customer favorite and a quality product on the site. With 4.7 stars out of 5 it has been highly reviewed by customers. 92% of the reviews given were 4 or 5 star reviews, however, these are only out of 66 reviews. This doesn't necessarily give the widest range of responses but it is a solid base to go upon that most people like this product. Many people that reviewed this chocolate talked specifically about how tasty it is. It has a rich flavor, which is uncommon for vegan chocolate bars. People love this chocolate because it is clean and healthy without losing the taste!

On both Amazon and Hu's home site they sell the Simple dark chocolate in a four pack. On Hu's website you are able to buy a 12 pack of the chocolates. Both options are on the expensive side with the 4 pack costing $25.00 and the 12 pack costing $60.00. Pricing seems to be one of the few drawbacks to this chocolate.

About This Company

When I started looking into the Hu company I was intrigued and eventually very impressed. Hu has two founding members, one of them became very interested in the effects that different foods can have on the body. After studying these connections for a while he began to cut certain things from his diet and would only eat high quality foods. After he noticed chronic conditions that had been bothering him for years begin to disappear he knew he was on to something. He then came to his now partner and they both started Hu. 

One of the motto's of Hu is "Feel better than "fine"". To do this the company has six different focuses: First is to unprocess, with this they wanted to have the most unadulterated food possible. Second is to move, this is to make the most natural and functional movements. Third is sleep, by getting better sleep in a cold, dark room this will also help you feel better. Fourth is to laugh, they say laughter is the best medicine and it has been proven to improve overall health. Fifth is play, by taking time to play and reset we are able to declutter all the mental junk we accumulate. Last of all at number six is to experiment, this is to try different diets, exercises, and routines to discover what helps you to flourish. 

Overall Hu is a company dedicated to improving lifestyle. They aim to do this through healthy living with real food and activity. This is company dedicated to clean and healthy foods that make you feel as good as possible and quit being just "fine". 


Hu Dark Chocolate has a lot of fans. According to the reviews on Amazon 84% gave it 5 stars with another 9% giving it 4 stars. Many people commented on how the chocolate was very tasty and great at satisfying the sweet tooth while staying healthy. A lot of the reviews commented on the use of the salt in the chocolate and how it really enhanced the flavor. This dark chocolate bar also has completely clean, organic ingredients. Along with being organic it is also vegan.


Most who tried Hu Dark Chocolate had nothing negative to say. The only common complaint was that the packaging was substandard on some of the deliveries. One customer in particular said that his chocolate showed up wet and melted. 

Final Thoughts:

After having researched Hu Dark Chocolate I was convinced this was the next chocolate I should try. With a company whose goal is to help their customers live a healthy life and using organic, vegan ingredients. Hu chocolate is a great option and a great product, despite it being on the more expensive side. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet, healthy treat.

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    Vegan Chocoloate
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    Tasty recipe


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    Packaging is sometimes not held together well

Hu Dark Chocolate Bars Conclusion

People have made it clear that they like Hu Dark Chocolate bars. With 84% of reviews being 5 stars it is worth looking into. The chocolate is organic and vegan and is a great alternative for sweet dessert after a meal. If you've decided that this dark chocolate is one you'd like to try, take a look on Amazon through the link below.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Hu Dark Chocolate Bars.

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    What percent of cacao is the chocolate? The chocolate contains 70% cacao.
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    What sweetens the chocolate? The chocolate is sweetened with organic coconut sugar.

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