4 Ways to Incorporate Recycling into Your Everyday Routine

We all know how important recycling is to helping our planet. When you hear about how to “go green” that first step is to recycle. Most work places and college campuses have plenty of recycling areas around. It’s pretty easy to recycle. However, we are only human and we all make mistakes. You might accidentally throw away a soda can. Or, you might toss your newspapers into the dumpster instead of the recycling bin. If you can incorporate recycling into your everyday routine, then you will be less likely to forget to recycle your bottles. There are 4 ways that you can incorporate recycling into your everyday routine. They’re easy, simple, and can make a huge difference.

Use Your Trash Can

You can place a bag or a box by your trash can at home to put recycling in. After you eat, your first instinct is to go throw the trash away. If you happen to have a soda with dinner, then you can toss the aluminum can in the box next to the trash can. Also, you can throw away the gross trash. Putting these two bins next to each other will help to remind you to recycle your recyclables. If you have a separate container that’s close to your trash can, then you’ll be less likely to throw away bottles or newspapers.

Incorporate Recycling into Your Morning Commute

The most commonly traveled route that you take is your route to work. You travel it at least twice a day. Therefore, you can likely incorporate recycling into your morning commute. Most office buildings and campuses have recycling stations. If you can adjust your commute to pass by one of these stations, then you will be more likely to recycle anything you need to at that time. Sometimes, there might not be a station close enough. If that’s the case, then there are other ways that you can incorporate recycling into your routine.

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Place a Recycling Bin in Your Office

You probably spend most of your day in your office. If that’s the case, then invest in a recycling bin. This follows the same psychology as putting a bin next to your trash can at home. If you have it, then you’ll use it. The hard part might be to remember to take the recycling out. However, most offices have cleaning crews that come in. If you request, I’m sure that they’ll be willing to take your recycling out as well as your trash.

Use Your Phone

Set a reminder on your phone towards that end of your lunch break. When the alarm goes off, then it can remind you to recycle anything that you used during lunch that’s recyclable. If the reminder is set to go off towards the end of your lunch break, then the idea to recycle will be fresh in your mind when you go back to your office.


Recycling is important for the environment and we could all recycle more. If you follow this tips, then it will help you to incorporate recycling into your everyday routine. Eventually, it’ll become second nature for you to recycle and do your part for the environment. Here are more tips for recycling that can help you on your journey to save the planet.

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