15 Indoor Gardening Ideas to Grow Your Own Food

If you live in an apartment, and you do not have a patio, but you still want to grow your own vegetables, you need some indoor gardening ideas. In this way, you will be able to design a miniature garden or a lush extraordinary summer garden in your living room. Hence, in what follows, we will provide some of the best and most innovative indoor gardening ideas you could use.

Best Indoor Gardening Ideas

1.Steel mesh vertical garden

A steel mesh vertical garden would take up little space, handing it on your wall. You can develop this type of garden by using a metal grille. After you hand the grille on the wall, you could hang some flower pots from it. Furthermore, if you want to grow your own vegetables in an eco-friendly way, using recyclable materials, you could plant basil, mint and other herbs in reused cans.

2.Bar cart plant garden

If you have an old bar cart, you could surely reuse it. Find a nice color of paint you like, and besides arranging your favorite drinks, you could also decorate it with some plants. Make your house look greener with this incredible gardening idea. You could use the bar cart as a flower pot holder, putting there all the pots where you grow tomatoes, lettuce and garlic.

3.Skinny planter stand

This is an innovative way to build your own planter stand. You only need four wooden sticks or some wooden chair legs or table legs from old furniture objects. Then, you will need a big flower pot to which you could add these legs. Besides transforming it into a cool new furniture item, you will also have a new place where you could grow your own vegetables.

4.Garment rack hanging garden

Owning multiple garment racks can finally pay off. You will not have to purchase a special plant hanger because you can surely use one of the old racks you have. Hang your flower pots where you can plant a small orange tree or some herbs you use when developing your vegan or vegetarian recipes.

5.Herb wreath

If you are so keen on Christmas wreath, who said you could not build one for your flower pots? Use a metal grill which you can decorate with some grass and then display your flower pots in a circle. You will now have two reasons to have a wreath in your house.

6.Vertical herb garden

When deciding to have a sustainable living, growing your own herbs and vegetables and have a healthy diet, developing your own garden is the best idea. You could grow all the spices and herbs you need for your recipes by creating a vertical herb garden. Arrange your small flower pots on wooden shelves and make sure you display them in a sunny corner in your apartment.

7.Terrarium windowsill greenhouse

The great thing is that you can purchase this from IKEA for a good price. This small greenhouse needs to be placed somewhere near a natural source of light. You may plant some cherry tomatoes or pepper and then place the pots inside this mini greenhouse. Hence, you will be able to grow your own food.

A dinning room with a table and six chairs

You could develop an indoor garden by using some wooly pockets that you can hang on your wall.

8.Wooly pocket wall garden

This is an innovative way to grow your plants, hanging your herb pots in a nice wooly pocket on the wall. Besides decorating your walls with paintings, you could also decorate them using your green ideas.

9.Vertical mason jar herb garden

You could build your own vertical mason jar herb garden, hanging it on your wall in the kitchen. In this way, you will have fresh basil and cilantro within reach. If you love cooking vegan or vegetarian recipes, this type of small indoor garden could come in handy.

10.Vertical jar garden on a pallet

Even if you live in a small apartment, you will still feel the need to have a piece of nature close to you. Make your own vertical jar garden on a pallet. All you will need is a wooden pallet, some jars, and hangers from which you can attach the jars. Plant small herbs in your jars or you could feel free to add some extra jars for some candles. This will look magnificent!

11.Kitchen window jar herb garden

There is no better place for your jar herb garden than your kitchen window. Reuse some of the jars you have by planting some herbs in them. Then, attach some old hangers on your kitchen window wall and hang the jars there. Hence, when you cook, you will always have fresh green onion and parsley.

12.Wood and leather trellis plant wall

Your kitchen wall will look better with this DIY wood and leather trellis plant wall. You could use those old wooden pieces that have been lying in your garage for so long. Then, attach some leather straps that could support your plant pots, and you are all set.

13.Recycled plastic bottles

You can recycle some of your used plastic bottles, planting your favorite herbs in them. You should consider placing them right under your kitchen window.

14.Labelled hanging planter from recycled cans

Instead of throwing away all the cans you have been using, you should consider transforming them into hanging planters. You could attach some labels to them and some chains from which you could hang them around the house, either in your kitchen or your living room.

15.Herbs in recycled tea tin cans

If you love drinking tea and you have plenty of tea tin cans to develop your own garden, then you should start planting. You could reuse all the tea cans by planting the herbs you need for your recipes.

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Summing up

All these indoor garden ideas could help you get very creative, developing most of them by yourself by using recycled materials. Plant your own vegetables and herbs to avoid the daily trips to the market to purchase fresh ones. This is less expensive and much more useful. Go green and adopt a sustainable living, following a healthy diet.

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