Jeremiah’s Pick Organic Coffee: Review

Review of the Jeremiah's Pick Organic Coffee

Here is our first decaf coffee review. Jeremiah's Pick organic coffee is very organic and people seem to really like this one. In fact, nearly all of the most recent customers who have bought Jeremiah's Pick organic coffee have raved about it. It currently sits at 4.3 stars on Amazon. So let's check out why everyone loves it so much.

Best Fea​tures

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    Chemical Free​​​​
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    100% Arabica Beans
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    Roasted in CA
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    Swiss Water Process

Item Specifics

The specific coffee we are looking at here is Jeremiah's Pick organic coffee Dark Roast Decaf. This is one of the only decaf coffees I have seen that has gotten a lot of great reviews. Often times decaf coffee lacks greatly in flavor, but here it seems that there is no lack of flavor. You'll find flavors of caramel and dark chocolate with bittersweet intensity. Since it is a Dark Roast, it is a stronger coffee than some others, but if you are buying a Dark Roast, you want strong. 

There is surprisingly no information found about the origin of the organic French Roast, anywhere on their Amazon page or their website. They do however have a line of "Single Origin" coffees. However even these do not say where exactly in the region they were grown. While single origin does not have to mean from a single farm, many single origin coffees are in fact from a single farm in a single region. So while this claim is true, it is still iffy. 

Jeremiah's Pick organic coffee is very organic. It has the standard USDA certified Organic seal, but it has an additional seal, in case you were not convinced by the USDA. They are also certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers, or CCOF. Along with both of their organic seals, they are also certified Kosher. Again, this is very rare in the coffee industry. So having your coffee certified Kosher is a really great addition as it opens up the opportunity for a wider customer range. To add even more seals to the list, their coffee is also Rainforest Alliance certified and UTZ certified. The later is a worldwide organization that sets the standard for responsible coffee production and sourcing and assures that coffee farmers and cooperatives grow their coffee professionally and with care for their local communities and the environment. While neither of these seals appear on their coffee, they are on their website. On their website, they also say that they work with family farms and cooperatives, while visiting them regularly. However, there is nothing said about Fair Trade, nor is there a seal available. 

Their decaf coffee is made decaf through the Swiss Water method. This is a method where instead of using chemicals to decaffeinate the coffee, they use water as the solvent. This eliminates any need for chemicals to be used. The Swiss Water process is the most popular decaffeination process that does not use chemicals.

About This Company

Jeremiah's Pick organic coffee was started back in 1993. It was founded to be dedicated to providing the finest coffee to supermarkets, restaurants, and natural food stores. They seem to put a lot of focus on both their roasting and their coffee grinder. Both of which they are apparently very proud of. Their roaster was built in Brazil, using strict European engineering and design standards. It is actually fairly unique because the design ensures that no flame actually touches the beans. It instead re-circulates the heat and removes smoke and chaff. This allows the beans to maintain details of color, temperature and variety. As for the grinder, which was introduced in 2007, it is also unique. It features 4 laser cut steel rollers that make the grind of the beans precise and maximizes flavor. Additionally, the grinder is refrigerated, which ensures that there is no heat that can compromise the grinding process. Heat during the grinding process can affect the flavor and the aroma. 

Jeremiah's pick also works with socially and environmentally responsible family farms, and visits them regularly. However, while they talk a lot of establishing long-term relationships and about investments in land and people, they never actually mention Fair Trade. This could just be implied by their actions, however there is no seal of authority that labels them as Fairtrade certified. This is either very unfortunate or just an oversight. Either way, the fact remains that they do not hold a seal for Fair Trade. In fact, they talk very little about their environmental and farming concerns and focus more on their roaster and grinder. Personally, it seems very self-centered of them. However, this may just be because they are a coffee company first and an organic supplier second. 


When it comes to their organic line of coffee, they spare no detail. They are not only USDA Organic certified, but they are also certified by a California organic company called California Certified Organic Farmers, or CCOF. 

People seem to love their decaf coffee. With flavors of caramel and dark chocolate with bittersweet intensity. Most of the time, decaf tends to lack in great flavor, however this decaf has gotten glowing reviews. 

In addition to their two organic certified seals, they also have three more certifications. One for Rainforest Alliance, which actively helps to preserve the depleting rainforests. One for Kosher, which only a handful of company put in the effort to have. The last seal is for UTZ certified, which focuses more on the growing process. 

Their decaf coffee is made decaf through the Swiss Water process. This is the least invasive, least harsh, and most popular way of making decaf coffee. It uses water as the solvent instead of using chemicals.  


As I said before, it sounds like their company is just tooting their own horn far too much in their biography on their website. While most organic coffee companies like to feature all of the great things they are a part of or that they do for both the environment and their farmers, Jeremiah's Pick focuses a lot on their own technology and how they make their coffee. While this is important, it makes them sound like they are bragging about their machinery. Informing is one thing, bragging makes you sound petty. 

The words Fair Trade are never mentioned anywhere on their website. This is very concerning as Fair Trade or at least Direct Trade are very important for the farmers and workers who are associated with the company. People like to know that the people who do all of the heavy lifting are being well compensated for their work. 

One other thing that is kind of sketchy about this company is that their Dark Roast Decaf is an Amazon Prime exclusive. Now you can go straight to their website and order it that way, I believe. But unless you are part of Amazon Prime, you will not be able to order this coffee from Amazon. Not sure if this was a decision on the side of Jeremiah's Pick, Amazon, or a mutual agreement. Either way, it is weird.

Final Thoughts:

Since this is a review of their Dark Roast decaf, I will say that this is a great choice. Many people rave about the taste of this decaf over others of the same roast. Plus, using the Swiss Water process is definitely a good thing as it keeps the flavor of the beans and does not use any harsh chemicals to get rid of the caffeine. However, if this was a review of their company, I would have to say skip this one. Jeremiah's Pick seems like a very strange company overall. No information of the origin of their blend coffees, only of their single origin coffee. They also never mention anything about Fair Trade, nor do they hold a seal for it. So for this coffee, it really comes down to your priorities. Whether you prefer flavor and not really care about the company, or vice versa.

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  • plus
    Great taste for a decaf
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    Many seals of certification
  • plus
    Swiss Water process


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    No Fair Trade
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    Amazon Prime exclusive

Jeremiah's Pick Organic Coffee Conclusion

While I personally think the company is a bit weird and I do not like that they lack any Fair Trade certification, their coffee seems like it is pretty good, especially for a decaf. Right now, you can grab yourself some of their Dark Roast Decaf for $25.49, which comes in a pack of 3, on Amazon. Just remember, you have to be part of Amazon Prime to order this select roast. For any other information of the best organic coffee, check out Green and Growing.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying Jeremiah's Pick Organic Coffee.

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    What kind of grind is this coffee? It is regular grind.
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    Does this Dark Roast contain any artificial flavors? No, all of the flavors resemble caramel and chocolate, but all are natural to the roast.

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