3 Key Points to Remember as You Declutter Your Home

If you have paid attention to social media and Netflix recently, you will have seen all the craze about Marie Kondo. However, she is not the first one who has promoted the benefits of decluttering. For decades, people have stressed the fact that your clutter reflects inner, mental clutter. Currently, more people are seeing the need to declutter their homes so that they can experience more inner peace. Keep in mind that one person’s version of decluttering is different from another’s. A small pile of odds and ends may drive one person crazy, and another person may not even notice. No matter how much you intend to declutter, here are three key points to keep in mind.

Declutter with the Four-Box Method

One method that many people have tried and found success with is the four-box method. To start the process to declutter, you need four boxes for four different items. You will have a box for items to throw away, give away, keep, or relocate. As you go through all of your items, you will need to consider each one carefully. This allows you to make peace with all of your items and know for sure what your plan is with them. Once you finish one area, you should take care of those items. Once you know where to relocate the items in the relocation box, put them where you want them. You should also go ahead and throw out the trash so that it is done and over with. Make sure you take care of each item and each box, and your space will look better than before.

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Take It One Room at a Time

Another key point to remember as you declutter your home is that it takes time. You should not set aside a whole day for decluttering because going for eight hours is stressful. Odds are, your productivity will go down as time goes on. This means that you will not be able to give the careful consideration needed through the process of decluttering, which will then only disappoint you. Instead, give yourself a few hours in the day and focus on a single room. This breaks everything down to a manageable size where you can focus all of your attention. Once you finish the room, go about the rest of your day and save the other rooms for other days. This prevents you from feeling burned out. Decluttering is supposed to be a freeing experience, not a stressful one.

It Will Not Look Perfect

If you look at all the magazine photos, you will likely want your home to look as perfect and pristine as theirs. However, you should not give yourself unrealistic expectations. As you declutter, you should place the items in the place that works best for you. This means that you will need to accept the fact that your closet may not look like it came from a magazine. The important part is that every item has its place and you know where they go. Letting go of other’s expectations will help you to truly experience the benefits of decluttering and simplifying your life.


Whether you want to embrace a minimalist lifestyle or just go through your home for an annual cleanout, it is important to remember these points. Keep the decluttering process simple and structured, and only focus on one room at a time. You should also establish realistic expectations so you do not feel disappointed in the end. The most important part is that your home is free of distracting clutter so you can feel inner peace.

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