Kicking Horse Organic Coffee: Review

Review of the Kicking Horse Organic Coffee

The Kicking Horse organic coffee is probably one of the most humorous coffee brands I have seen. Past that, they seem to make really good coffee. Their Smart Ass blend is holding at 4.4 stars on Amazon, along with a badge for Amazon's Choice. Meaning that they highly recommend this brand, specifically this roast. So let's check out what makes Kicking Horse so great. 

Best Fea​tures

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    Organic and Fairtrade Certified
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    Low acidity, light body, great taste
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    Amazing company

Item Specifics

Kicking Horse Organic Coffee make a wide variety of different roasts, from light to espresso. However, their Smart Ass blend is a medium roast. It has a light, honeyed berry body. Low acidity, which is always nice to see. With flavor notes of red currant, sugar cane and milk chocolate. Also, for those who do not like very strong coffee, this is probably perfect for you as it is not too light, but not too strong either. 

The Smart Ass blend of the Kicking Horse organic coffee comes from three different regions. While it would have been nice to see it come from a single origin, that is often rare and makes the coffee much more expensive. The Smart Ass blend is made up of coffee beans from Africa, Central America, and South America. However, it is actually roasted in Canada. 

When it comes to seals, Kicking Horse does not cut any corners. They are USDA Organic Certified and Fair Trade Certified. There is nothing to question here, in terms of their intentions. They want to make sure you trust them to take good care of their workforce. They also claim that their coffee is shade grown and bird friendly. For those who do not know, shade grown and bird friendly means that their growing practices protect the natural bird habitat, which are trees. This means that they fight deforestation. Shade grown also helps conserve water, as the water is not evaporated from the ground as much, due to the lack of heat and sunlight in the shade. As of right now, there are no seals that guarantee shade grown or bird friendly. So, to make sure, you have to do some research into the company itself, and see if they have any proof there. And in fact, they do. They have multiple links on their website to nature preservation groups, showing that they are interested in protecting the environment and its inhabitants, not just claiming things for sales. Lastly, they also claim 100% Arabica coffee beans. However, there is nothing on the bag for authority reference, but this is very common. 

On their Amazon page, you can choose between whole bean or ground. Along with that, you can also choose from the rest of their different blends of coffee, right on their page. Very convenient and simple. Past that, there is also the option to choose your desired size. The base size is 10 ounces. There are other two sizes to choose from, 30 ounce and 2.2 pounds. However, those two sizes are exclusive to select blends. 454 Horse Power and Kick Ass Dark Roast, respectively. 

About This Company

Starting in 1996 in a basement, Kicking Horse has been roasting coffee for over 20 years. Now, they are located in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada, right beneath the Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks. They even have the Kicking Horse Cafe located on site. 

They have been labeled Canada's #1 whole bean seller. In 2016, they were named the #10 Best Workplace in Canada by Great Place to Work. In 2015, they were named Fairtrade favorite product. 

Kicking Horse Organic Coffee strives to be courageous and curious when making coffee, always trying something new and out-there. They support countless nature preservation organizations including Jumbo Wild, a company educating people on the glacier problem, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Besides that, they also participate in many fundraising ventures. They allow non-profit organizations to sell their coffee for whatever price and keep all the profits for their organization. Kicking Horse will even sell them their coffee at a discounted rate. 

Kicking Horse is a very interesting, unique, and seemingly great company. it is no wonder their coffee is just as great as they are. 


All Kicking Horse organic coffee, Smart Ass blend included, is USDA Organic Certified and Fairtrade Certified. Their farms also participate in shade growing and the company as a whole actively protects birds and other wildlife from deforestation through their support for numerous organizations. 

The company is absolutely awesome. The work they do and the care and love they have for their workers, along with the environment, is really inspiring. 

Smart Ass blend has a nice light body, low acidity, and great, smooth taste. It is a medium roast, so it is not as strong as Dark Roast. So if you enjoy a more mild coffee, this is for you. 

95% of their beans are wet processed. This is great because it eliminates the chances of mold and mycotoxins being in their coffee. You do not want to drink that stuff. 


Unfortunately, they do not conduct tests for mycotoxins or mold in their coffee. However, all of their beans that come from Central and South America do go through a wet process, which gets rid of any mold and mycotoxins that may be on the the beans. But any beans from Africa do not go through that process. The only testing they do is a visual test of their beans. 

There is only one size for the bulk of their blends. The only blends that have a bigger size are their 454 Horse Power and Kick Ass Dark Roast. So you are stuck with 10 ounces. Thankfully it is cheap enough that you can continuously buy it without spending too much money. 

Final Thoughts:

The Kicking Horse Organic Coffee, Smart Ass is a great coffee. Not only do they have a truly amazing company, their coffee is also delicious. Customers can rest assured drinking this coffee, knowing it is USDA Organic certified and Fairtrade certified. If you want great tasting coffee that will definitely wake you up in the morning, and you care deeply about the workers, the environment and nature preservation, Kicking Horse Organic Coffee is the coffee for you. Even better, they have coffee for your individual taste. 

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  • plus
    Organic and Fairtrade Certified
  • plus
    Low acidity, light body, great taste
  • plus
    Amazing company


  • close
    Only visual test for mold and myotoxins. Beans from Africa are not wet processed.
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    Smart Ass is only available in 10 ounce bags.

Kicking Horse Organic Coffee Conclusion

With a great company behind it, Kicking Horse Organic Coffee, Smart Ass blend is a great quality coffee. Completely certified and mindful of the environment, along with their workers. Not to mention absolutely delicious. Right now, you can grab yourself a bag of Smart Ass for $9.95 on For more information of the other top 10 best organic coffee, head on back to Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying Kicking Horse Organic Coffee.

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    Are the beans wet processed to get rid of mold? 95% of the beans are wet processed. However, beans from Africa are not, only visual tests are conducted. 
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    Is Smart Ass available in Ground? No, you have to do the grinding yourself. But that actually makes the coffee taste better so you're better off. 
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    Who certified the organic-ness of Kicking Horse? It is certified by Ecocert Canada. It is also USDA certified. 

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