Leven Rose Beard Oil Review

Beard oils are extremely important to the health of your beard. If you have never used one before, it is time to give them a try. Many people who try a Leven Rose beard oil are first time users of any kind of beard oil, and they immediately noticed a difference. If you are in the market for a new beard oil, stay tuned to see if this product is one you want to try.

Best Fea​tures

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    100% natural ingredients
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    Hydrates and softens your beard
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    Great customer service

Initial Thoughts

Many people who have reviewed this product see a difference in their beard health in the first couple of weeks of use. There were not many long-term users that voiced an opinion though. People love their fragrance free beard oil, as well as their other signature scents. This review will help you to know if you out to try out a Leven Rose beard oil.


Beard oils consist of a combination of carrier oils and essential oils. The carrier oils consist of about 95 percent of the product, with essential oils making up the remaining 5 percent. Different essential oils have different benefits attached to them, so each beard oil is different. Leven Rose Beard Oil products come in a handful of different scents, but they all have the same base. The simplest beard oil they have is their fragrance-free beard oil, which contains only jojoba oil and Moroccan argan oil.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is arguably the best oil you can put on your face. Throughout the day, your face creates its own natural oil, called sebum. Jojoba oil is the closest oil on the planet to your skin’s natural oil. This means that it is great for your skin and hair. In fact, this oil moisturizes the skin, combats acne, prevents wrinkles, and reduces inflammation. It will also keep your beard hair soft and hydrated.

This oil is also completely scentless, meaning that those who are sensitive to fragrances will enjoy all the benefits of a fantastic carrier oil without any discomfort.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is another great choice for a beard oil. This oil promotes healthy skin growth so that your new skin cells develop healthy and moisturized. While your skin is working on new skin cells though, argan oil also combats acne, nourishes dry skin, and exfoliates and tones the skin. It will help you get rid of the old, dead skins cells to make way for the new ones. The key thing to remember for a healthy beard is that you have to have healthy skin.


Beard oils with natural ingredients, like what Leven Rose beard oils offer, are all the rage today. This is because natural, organic ingredients create a healthier, shinier beard. Just like the hair on your head, you have to take care of your beard. You have to wash it and condition it, and beard oils are a great way to condition. Other silicone-based beard oils leave a coating on the beard hairs that mimics health, but in reality, causes more damage in the long run. Natural ingredients penetrate each individual hair and the skin to promote healthy growth. Depending on the oils you use, you can not only condition, but combat acne, dry skin, bacteria, fungi, and any other skin condition.

The Product

Leven Rose beard oil boasts that their products contain 100 percent natural ingredients. Their fragrance-free beard oil, which comes in a one-ounce bottle, helps you to “take care of your beard without smelling like a girl (or anything else).” Their other beard oils have manly scent names like Escape Cedarwood, Spiced Sandalwood, and Zen Juniper. Each of their beard oils is vegan friendly, and they never test on animals (though they do test on themselves!).

On Amazon, they have a whopping 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, with 78 percent of the thousands of reviews on there being a 5 star. About three percent of the reviews give the Leven Rose beard oil a one star, but not every product is going to work for every beard.

About This Company

Russell I. founded Leven Rose back in 2013 in Colorado after trying to find a natural solution to his daughter’s keratosis. No matter what he tried, nothing seemed to help. He wanted to use products that were free of parabens, GMOs, pesticides, and other additives, but he found that many products contained those items. He wanted something natural and organic. Today, he uses his Leven Rose products daily and wants others to try it for themselves.


There are thousands of great reviews for Leven Rose beard oil. Many people saw the oil clear up their severe beardruff and slightly dry skin. It even cleared up acne! Several people describe their sensitivity to different beard oils but have found that Leven Rose beard oil works wonders for them. Most reviews claim to have a softer, shinier beard after using the oil for a couple of weeks. It depends on the size of your beard, but their one-ounce bottles generally last a month.

Even those who were not as happy with their product claimed that their customer service was wonderful and offered a full refund.


Odds are, not every beard oil is going to work for everyone. One of the most common complaints from dissatisfied customers is that the fragrance free beard oil still has a distinct smell. It is often compared to cooking oil. Others are also concerned as to why Leven Rose does not list their ingredients on their website, though they seem to be so proud of their ingredients. In fact, you cannot really find the ingredients unless you go to a review or the product on Amazon.

Those that loved the product still had one complaint: they want a bigger bottle!

Final Thoughts:

The vast majority of reviews on Leven Rose beard oil products say that they cannot get enough of it! In fact, 90 percent of the ratings on Amazon are a 4 or 5 star. Leven Rose uses high quality oils that effectively demonstrate what any good beard oil is supposed to do. It softens the beard and clears up any blemishes, dryness, and irritation on the skin. Overall, it is a great product.

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    Leaves your beard smooth and soft
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    Made from high quality essential oils
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    100% natural ingredients


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    Some people don't like the smell

Leven Rose Beard Oil Conclusion

By now, you should know if you want to try a Leven Rose beard oil. It has a handful of great qualities to it, but make sure that you know if the oils in this product will affect you negatively. This product has great reviews and it works for thousands of people. Even if this beard oil is not for you, we have several more beard oil reviews for you to look over.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Leven Rose Beard Oil.

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    How many ounces is it? It comes in a one-ounce bottle, which will last you much longer than you realize.
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    How would you describe the scent? Their fragrance free beard oil does not have any added scents, so does faintly smell of jojoba oil and argan oil. Some compare to scent to cooking oil.

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