Luxembourg has the World’s Best Healthcare System

There are 195 countries in the world, some big and some small. If you traveled the world for 3 years, then you still wouldn’t have seen them all. Most countries are equipped with a healthcare system. In the United States, the healthcare system is a hybrid of government and single-payer funding. Overall, the United States is ranked #30 in the quality of their healthcare system. Meanwhile, a small country located between France, Belgium, and Germany is ranked #1. Luxembourg is labeled to have the world’s best healthcare system.

A Little Bit About Luxembourg

You may not have heard of Luxembourg before. Have no fear, because I hadn’t either.  Luxembourg is a small, European country and has just over 500,000 people that live there. It’s a luscious country that has many hills and hikes. Also, there are beautiful castles and festivals tourist can go to. Luxembourgers speaks one of three languages. The first is French, the second is German, and the third is Luxembourgish. Half of the country’s population are foreigners. Overall, Luxembourg is small but has a lot to offer tourists!

The Healthcare System of Luxembourg

The Legatum Prosperity Index has officially declared that Luxembourg has the world’s best healthcare system. Luxembourg’s healthcare system has three major components. The first, is mandatory insurance. All individuals or businesses have to purchase insurance. Luxembourgers insurance coverage depends on their occupation. Essentially, everyone that’s employed has full insurance coverage. The second, is that everyone has a choice of healthcare providers. Luxembourgers don’t have to have the same insurance provider. There are multiple within the country. The third, is that insurance providers have to follow a set cost for their services. That means that a doctor’s visit will cost the same with one provider as it does for another. Basically, there are set costs that don’t change.

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Luxembourg Spends A Lot of Money on Healthcare

The government works with independent organizations to provide the best care for Luxembourgers. Luxembourg’s healthcare system is funded by taxes on income. I know that it sounds like the government probably takes a lot of money out of Luxembourger’s pockets. However, that’s not the case. Luxembourg is considered to have the lowest taxes in Europe. It’s been called a “tax safe haven”! The richest people in Luxembourg pay 42% to taxes. All taxes are based on income. Overall, Luxembourg’s government spends $4.1 billion on healthcare, which is $8,182 per person. That’s the most a European country spends on healthcare.

Almost Everyone is Covered One Way or Another

Most everyone in Luxembourg is covered with insurance. There is complementary healthcare plans and 75% of Luxembourgers purchase it. Also, the government chooses to pay for maternity and other aspects of healthcare that are under-funded. Luxembourg’s government has made healthcare a priority. The money the government has put forth into healthcare has driven their life expectancy to 82. That’s higher than many other nations, including America’s which is 78. Overall, Luxembourgers are covered and well taken care of!


Luxembourg has an exceptional healthcare system. There is a reason they are considered to be the best. Almost everyone is covered and the government spends a lot of money to make that happen. Luxembourgers may have to purchase health insurance, but they are still one of the freest nations in the world. In conclusion, it’s a beautiful country and, truthfully, is a healthy country, too!           

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