Luxury Eco Hotels: How the Hospitality Industry Is Going Green

The “going green” movement is an internationally recognized effort to preserve the environment. Many agencies and industries have taken action to do their part to help the movement. One such industry is hospitality and tourism. Known as Luxury Eco Hotels, many hotels have taken measure to become more sustainable. There are three pillars of sustainable development that these hotels follow to assist with their transformation. Economic development, social development, and environmental development are the keys to hotels becoming sustainable. There are multiple ways that Luxury Eco Hotels are helping the environment and going green.

What Are Luxury Eco Hotels?

Luxury Eco Hotels is a fancy name for hotels that are rated highly and have made changes to be more environmentally-friendly. Most hotels that are rated between four and five stars go to extreme lengths to ensure your family is satisfied. Many of those things are seen as quite wasteful, like travel-sized bottles and elegant meals. Luxury Eco Hotels strive to rid themselves of such wasteful things and still maintain high ratings.

How Do They Cut Down on Waste?

Luxury Eco Hotels are not the only hotels that are striving to cut down on waste. Various hotels are doing this is by having paperless check outs. Technology is everywhere and almost anyone who stays at a hotel has a phone. Many receipts are sent electronically instead of printed. Therefore, hotels save millions of dollars on paper and don't unnecessarily give guests receipts they will throw away. Another method hotels use to cut down on their waste is not selling bottled water. Water bottles are consistently thrown away, so hotels have decided to eliminate the option. Refillable soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers also cuts down on throwing away half used bottles of soap and soap bars. Many hotels are putting these in the showers and by the sinks. Lastly, many hotels are putting recycling bins inside the rooms so that guests can easily recycle while on vacation!  

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Using Natural and Fresh Alternatives

Chemicals have been known to harm the environment and a majority of cleaning agents use those harmful chemicals. Some hotels have changed from toxic cleaners to natural cleaners. This reduces the amount of harmful chemicals put into the air that cause pollution. Many of the natural cleaners are also made of recycled materials, so it’s a win-win! Luxury Eco Hotels are also making sure the food they serve is fresher. Most of the hotels believe in a farm-to-table approach to fine dining. When possible, the hotels will have a ranch or farm within a mile of their establishment. This ensures that food is fresh and organic!

Renewable Energy Is Their Friend

The world could greatly benefit from renewable resources. Most hotels are switching over to a renewable energy system. They are making alterations, such as, solar panels, hotel floors filled wall-to-wall with plants, and more! Solar panels use natural sunlight to energize the building and filling floors of hotels with plants lowers room temperature and reduces energy consumption. At first, switching to renewable energy can be expensive, but the investment is worth it. It is both cost effective and pleasing to the guests when hotels use renewable energy to power the building!


Luxury Eco Hotels are going to great lengths to be environmentally friendly. From paperless checkouts to investing in renewable energy, they are cutting down on waste. Other hotels that aren’t labeled as Luxury Eco Hotels are also making adjustments to help the environment. The hospitality industry can make a big difference because it’s large and often busy. With the efforts put into preserving the environment, the hospitality industry is making guests and the earth feel more comfortable!

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