Migraines: 5 Things to do When You Feel One Coming On

Headaches are measured on a spectrum. You can have a light headache that you can push through. Or, you can have a brain splitting migraine that leaves you motionless. Either way, headaches aren’t a joke. For some of you, headaches and migraines may come more often than you’d like. For others, they might manifest themselves once in a blue moon. However, you can usually recognize the signs of a migraine or headache before your head hurts. If this is the case, then there are a few things that you can do to try and relieve the pressure inside your head.

Turn Everything Off

Often times, migraines are caused by spending too much time on the computer or in front of the television. The lights of these activities can irritate our heads. Therefore, as soon as you feel yourself getting a migraine, turn off the television or computer. Bright lights can make migraines worse. Therefore, try to dim or turn off any lights around you. The darkness and serenity of a quiet space will relieve some of the pressure on your brain.

Pain Relievers

There are many forms of pain relievers that you can take. First, you can take a pain medication in pill form. For example, Advil or Aleve. Second, if you don’t like taking pain medicines, then you can try natural pain relievers. Third, you can use essential oils to help you relieve your headache. There are plenty of ways that you can relieve the pain of a migraine. It’s important that you try and relieve the pain before your pain gets worse. These techniques will take some time to work. Therefore, taking them sooner rather than later will lessen your suffering while you wait for them to work.

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Relax and Take a Nap

Migraines are often caused by stress. Therefore, it’s important that you try and relax when you feel a migraine coming on. If you find that it’s hard to relax, then there are essential oils that will help you to relax. Usually, you can sleep off a migraine. If your migraine persists through a relaxing nap or good night’s sleep, then you should pay close attention to it. You should go and see a doctor if your headache or migraine doesn’t go away after a couple of days.

Drink Water

Water is the universal cure. If you’re tired, you should drink water. Oh, you’re hungry? Then you should drink water. It’s important that you try and stay hydrated before you feel the symptoms of a migraine. However, drinking water the second that you feel a migraine coming on can possibly reduce your pain. At the very least, you won’t be dehydrated and in pain!

Don't Ignore Your Migraines

You should never brush off something that involves your head. There are a number of causes for these painful experiences. However, you can make special efforts to prevent some of the causes. Working through the pain isn’t worth it and can actually make the headaches worse. Pay attention to when you get migraines and how long they last. This information will be helpful if you ever need to see a doctor about them.


In conclusion, you can take action to lessen the impact that a migraine has on your body. Granted, these things have a mind of their own. However, it doesn’t hurt to try to do something about it. The next time that you feel a migraine coming on, remember to turn everything off, relax, and relieve your pain!

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