Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food: Review

Review of the Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food

Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food is another pet food made by Castor and Pollux. The last one was their Organix line, while this one is their natural line of dog food. Ultramix has the same Amazon rating as Organix, 4.2 stars. However, Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food carries the badge for Amazon's Choice. So, let's get into the specs of this food and see what the difference is.

Best Fea​tures

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    100% Natural
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    #1 Ingredient is Chicken
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    No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives
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    Product of the USA
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    Ideal for Older Dogs

Item Specifics

Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food is an all natural, dry dog food specifically made for adult dogs. This means that the food has specific vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to cater to the needs of older doggos. For adults, their nutritional intake should be reduced as overfeeding and quickly lead to your dog becoming over weight. This means less protein but also less calories. It should mostly consist of vitamins, calcium, fatty acids, minerals, and some proteins. However, when choosing an adult dog food, you also need to consider your dog's body type. As for senior dogs, the nutrition they require can vary. Typically, you will need food that it low in calories but high in fiber, fatty acids, and proteins. Fiber is especially important because it reduces metabolism-related problems and bowel inconsistencies. Also it promotes kidney health.  

Since this line of dog food is based on natural ingredients, it is in fact not organic. However, by looking at the ingredients list, you can tell that all the ingredients are natural and that there isn't anything artificial included at all. The only seal featured for Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food is a guarantee for "Made in the USA". Of course, on their bag they list all of the ingredients they avoid using. For Example, no corn, no soy, no wheat. They also state some of the nutrients inside like prebiotics, antioxidants, and fatty acids. 

About This Company

Castor and Pollux started their business in 1999 under the name Natural Pet Works. It was the first branded, premium quality line of natural specialty food and supplies for pets. Organix was certified organic and launched in 2003, with Natural Ultramix being launched a year later. In 2009, they were listed in the top 500 list for the third year in a row as the nation's fastest growing companies. They also earned Editors' Choice Honor in Dog Fancy Magazine for their Good Buddy Cookies Dog Treats.

Now, Castor and Pollux have multiple lines of dog and cat food. Organix is their organic line, Ultramix is their natural line, and Prestine is their holistic line. All of which are available for both dogs and cats. They also manufacture pet foods in all forms from dry, to freeze-dried raw. As well as all life stages from puppy to senior. 


Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food is totally natural. It does not include any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and all of their ingredients are completely natural with the exception of the added vitamins and minerals. 

This dry dog food is specifically made to cater to the needs of adult and older pups. The ingredients included contain nutrients such as protein, fiber, fatty acids, and carbs. 

Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food is features whole grains instead of filler, low quality grains. This means that instead of wheat or corn, this food used barley and brown rice instead. This makes the food much more easily digestible than others. Perfect for older dogs.

All of Castor and Pollux products are made in the USA. There are no ingredients that are foreign sourced. This is great because often times foreign sourced ingredients tend to be of lower quality and usually do not meet US standards. 


While Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food is filled with great quality and natural ingredients, it is not organic. Castor and Pollux do manufacture a line of organic dog food. So it is very likely that there are simply a few ingredients included in their Ultramix line that do not meet organic standards. 

Final Thoughts:

Just by looking at the ingredients, it is obvious that Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food is an above-average product. All the ingredients an adult dog needs to ease into their older years healthy and happy. Plenty of nutrients and vitamins to make them feel like a puppy again. Even though the food is not organic, it is definitely natural. No artificial anything makes for a great quality dog food that does not cut corners. Plus a taste that dogs of all types love, with added dried banana which serves as a little mid meal treat. Overall, this is a great dog food. 

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  • plus
    100% natural ingredients
  • plus
    Plenty of vitamins and nutrients for adult dogs
  • plus
    Whole grains


  • close
    Not organic, but all natural

Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food Conclusion

From looking at everything around this dog food, I highly recommend this food. If you really want organic dog food, check out Castor and Pollux's Organix line of dog food. But Ultramix is a great choice regardless. Right now you can grab yourself a pack of Ultramix on Amazon for $18.99. For more information about the best organic dog food, head on back to Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying Natural Ultramix Dry Dog Food.

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    Is this food grain free? No, it contains barley and brown rice. However, it does not contain any corn or wheat. 
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    Are any of the ingredients foreign sourced? No, all of the ingredients are sourced in the US. 
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    Are there any other sizes available? Yes, you have the option of choosing between 1-pack, 15 pound bag, or a 30 pound bag.

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