NHL Partners with Adidas and Parley for the Oceans to Create Eco-Friendly Jerseys

Adidas has kept a partnership with Parley for the Oceans for a while, so maybe you have heard about their eco-friendly shoes. Parley for the Oceans brings together people to spread awareness on the fragility of the oceans and find ways to keep plastic out of the water. Most of us know about Adidas and their line of athletic clothing, so the two of them together make great products out of ocean plastic. This year, they have partnered with the NHL to create eco-friendly jerseys for the All-Star games. To see them in action, those games take place later this month. 

From Threat to Thread Eco-Friendly Jerseys

The tagline that the Adidas and Parley come up with that they attached to their eco-friendly jerseys is “from threat into thread.” Parley created the A.I.R. strategy, which stands for avoiding plastic usage, intercepting plastic waste, and redesigning the plastic economy. Through this strategy, they are using plastic bottles to create a thread that provides the structure for Adidas clothing. Right now, people use more plastic than the Earth can handle, so Adidas and Parley are making a difference. Taking plastic bottles from the ocean protects the environment and provides repurposed products that perform well.

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Image Source: NHL

All-Star Jersey Designs

Adidas is calling these eco-friendly jerseys ADIZERO Authentic Pro x Parley jerseys. Crafted from upcycled plastic marine debris, these jerseys are a symbol in the movement to protect the oceans. Mixing the plastic fibers with the rest of the thread creates jerseys that are both durable and breathable. Creating high quality eco-friendly jerseys is exactly what Adidas wanted because it fits with their brand. Dan Near, the Senior director of Adidas Hockey, made the following statement. “This initiative continues Adidas’ commitment to bring the brand’s biggest initiatives to the sport of hockey.” Adidas has been the official provider of sports apparel for the NHL, and now they are responsible for the first eco-friendly jerseys in the hockey world.

The new eco-friendly jerseys for the NHL All-Star game have a color palette that matches hockey games. Each jersey is white like the fresh ice before a hockey game and black like a brand new puck. Previously, each of the jerseys for All-Stars games only contained the NHL logo. This time, the eco-friendly jerseys that Adidas and Parley for the Oceans created contain the logo of each of the NHL hockey teams. However, the logos are still black and white to match the rest of the jersey’s color palette.

How You Can Help

While it is great that Adidas created eco-friendly jerseys for NHL players, there are many ways that you can participate and help. For one, you can find these All-Star jerseys on both the Adidas and NHL websites, so you can purchase one yourself. This supports a company and an organization that are trying to make a difference in the world. However, the jersey’s are selling for as much as $200, so not everyone will be able to help in this way. Other ways that you can reduce plastic waste in the world is to find alternatives for single-use plastics. This includes using reusable water bottles and reusable shopping bags. You can also take the time to pick up any plastic waste and garbage that you see around your community. This will help keep your community clean and protect the local wildlife.

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